Glide Experts Overview

How it works

Glide uses PartnerStack to manage billing and referrals and the Glide Expert Page to manage our certification process. Expert profiles are then displayed on


Experts are grouped as either Agencies or Experts:

  • Glide Experts — Freelancers and Solopreneurs with extensive experience designing & building professional apps, recommended by Glide.
  • Glide Agencies — Full-Service Digital Agencies with experience designing & building professional apps and app suites, recommended by Glide.

Once you become certified, you will receive a link with your PartnerStack Partner Key. Every customer that signs up using your link will be assigned a Customer Key, and that Customer Key will be linked to your Partner Key. These keys are how we keep track of you, your clients, and your revenue share.

Becoming a Certified Expert or Agency

Create your profile and apply here. The sign up process will walk you through all of the steps to become certified. Once you’re certified, you can then list or join an Agency. You can find an overview of the steps and requirements below.

  1. Create your Expert profile.
  1. Become certified.
  1. Create your PartnerStack account.
  1. List or Join an Agency (optional)
  1. Acquire clients and grow your business!

Certified Experts must:

  • Be highly experienced with Glide
  • Have at least 3 example apps to display on their profile
  • Have worked with at least three clients who could provide a recommendation (not necessarily public testimonials)
  • Show experience with a range of other tools (e.g. Zapier, Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Have strong communication skills
  • Speak either English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai or Japanese
  • Have an online booking system for meetings

Revenue Sharing

Revenue is calculated from your client’s account. Your clients must sign up for Glide using your PartnerStack link. This will tie their Glide account to your PartnerStack account. We’ll send you all this information on how to get set up once you become certified.


(Revenue share is calculated differently for Pro Licences and Enterprise accounts. More on that below.)


View examples of revenue sharing here.

Glide Pro Subscriptions

Once you are approved within Partnerstack, you can create a link to share with your clients. This link includes your Partner ID and a link to the /clients page. Again, we’ll show you how to do this once you’re certified.


Be sure to have your clients sign up for Glide using that link. This will ensure that you are tied to their account so that you get a percentage of all the revenue for their first team (e.g. their "My Team" folder, or whichever name they choose when they create their account).


Note: If a client chooses Private Pro, the pricing scales with the number of users. So the more users a client has, the more you get paid! View examples here.


Messaging Billing

Most Experts have their clients sign up for Glide, add their billing and then have their clients add them to the Team. Some clients might not care what Glide is, but they know that they own the app, and this is where the billing is handled.


We hear successful Experts say things like the following:

"I use Glide to build your app. Please sign up for an account using this link. You will own the app, the Intellectual Property lives in your Glide account, and you can handle all of your billing there. I will be available for ongoing services to support the app and any future projects"


You then receive your revenue share for all revenue that comes from your client's Team. It’s 20% at the time of writing. You also get upside revenue share if you start delivering more value via more apps, better apps, or getting them to add more users, and so on.


A note: We are not hearing clients say "Oh, I can learn Glide and make my own app! No need for an Expert anymore." In most cases, they are too busy and will just contact you for additional features and services.


Also, this makes billing much easier as you don't have to handle all of the client's subscriptions.


Glide offers the ability to submit Enterprise leads. The Enterprise plan is a co-sell motion where a Glide representative will work on an account with you to close a deal with an Enterprise customer. You will receive a percentage of the annual contract value (ACV) for the Enterprise deal. You can charge for services separately on top of the contract value, or we can bake the services into the deal.


The Enterprise Plan is bespoke in nature and offers a close relationship with the customer and Glide. With Priority Support access, a custom contract, and a number of other benefits, this plan is not able to be sold on its own.


How do I submit an Enterprise Lead?

  1. Make sure they meet the criteria.
  1. Submit a referral on Partnerstack.
  1. Glide reviews leads daily and will reach out within 48 hours for all qualified leads.

What's a qualified lead?

Glide uses the BANT framework.

  • Budget: The client can pay a minimum of $6k.
  • Authority: Your stakeholder has the authority to purchase the subscription.
  • Need: Your client actually needs something in the Enterprise Plan.
  • Timeline: Customer wants to purchase within the next 2-3 months.

Some examples of a Need:

  • Many users across many apps
  • Custom terms of service
  • Security reviews
  • Priority Support

How do I get paid?

PartnerStack handles all of the payment transactions. PartnerStack calculates all of the revenue owed to each Partner at the end of each month, Glide then wires that money to PartnerStack, and PartnerStack distributes the funds accordingly via PayPal or Stripe.


Payments are calculated based on the revenue from your client’s Glide Team. We are not able to do revenue share based on apps that are in your own Team at this time.


Payments are verified and paid out the month after your commission is earned. For example, any commissions earned in February will be available on March 16th.


You find details on PartnerStack’s support page.

Using your PartnerStack link

As mentioned, once you are certified, you will be able to create a link to share with your clients.


Once your profile is up on the /experts page, there is a hidden page for all Experts, where they can direct their clients to sign up.


Simply add /clients to the end of your Expert profile URL and they will see your signup link. For example


For example, if John Smith’s Expert Profile URL was, his signup link would be


We recommend sending your clients here because it creates a tailored experience and will automatically attach all of the relevant PartnerStack information.


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