Unleash 10 million rows in your Glide Apps. No servers, no SQL, no setup. Like magic
Unleash 10 million rows in your Glide Apps. No servers, no SQL, no setup. Like magic

Unleash 10 million rows in your Glide apps.
No servers, no SQL, no setup. Like magic

Built for scale

Database power, spreadsheet simplicity

Goodbye steep learning curves

Manage significant data volume with a spreadsheet-based interface you already know how to use. Add, edit, delete rows at scale without writing SQL.

Lightning fast performance

Big Tables supports millions of rows of data and is designed for high performance, so your apps always remain responsive even as your data scales.

Quick and easy setup

Don't worry about provisioning, hosting, regions, or migrations. Create a Big Table from scratch or import existing data and start building the tools you need in a few clicks.

Customer Success

A Glide app that saves $50,000 a year

See why Shelf Engine turned to Glide to improve efficiency for their field sales team and provide more data and transparency for retailers, after outgrowing their DIY route management and insights systems.

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saved in labor and software costs


insights added to app daily

Database tricks—without database trickiness

Unlock powerful database features right out of the box without any setup.



Visualize your data with charts, labels, and legends to compare data sets, patterns, and identify opportunities quicker.



Summarize millions of rows of data into a single column to calculate totals, identify trends, and create custom reports.

Powerful Search

Powerful Search

Search across millions of rows in Big Tables with your Glide app without any queries or tuning.

“Big Tables is an invaluable tool to scale our Glide apps with significantly more data while still being easy to manage. It works amazingly fast and is constantly getting better."

Siebe GorterCEO, Aarde

Scale your business and your data

Build the tools you need with database scale. No setup needed.

No credit card required.