Add 10 million rows to your Glide app in one click. No servers, no queries. Like magic ✨

More data for your company’s most ambitious projects

Database ready in a few clicks.

Skip lengthy provisioning, setup, and complicated configurations. Create a Big Table from scratch or import existing data and start building the custom tools you need.

Database scale with spreadsheet simplicity.

Manage your data with an intuitive spreadsheet-based interface that’s remarkably simple to use. Add, edit, delete, and modify rows at scale without writing SQL or deep technical skills. 

Database performance by design.

Big Tables is designed for your most demanding workflows and data volume needs. Unlock native performance with up to 10 million rows of data.

“Big Tables is an invaluable tool to scale our Glide apps with significantly more data. Works amazingly fast and is constantly getting better.”

Siebe Johannes Gorter

Siebe Johannes Gorter

CEO of Aarde

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