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High-quality custom enterprise apps, delivered in days not months, for a fraction of the cost.

A better way to build apps

Starting at $999/mo.

User Stories
What do you want your users to achieve? From placing an order to dropping off an item at its final destinate, in this step, we'll write down the key use cases for your users and then build them out.
Data Management
Where will your data come from? In this step, we'll define where your data lives and any automation to keep it up to date.
Design & Build
We'll work directly with you to bring your apps to life. You'll get three days of hands-on build time and training to rollout your first app, and ongoing support through the entire year.
It's time for all of that hard work to pay off! We'll roll out the app to your users and work with you to support and improving the app throughout the year.

Enterprise Features

The quality of the Enterprise, delivered at the speed of a startup.

Built for the Enterprise

Custom software for your business can run into the millions of dollars and take many months to deliver. With Glide you can get all of the benefits of a custom workflow in a fraction of the time at a far lower cost.

Unlimited Apps
Unlimited apps lets you explore all of the different ways Glide can streamline your workflows at no additional cost.
Unlimited Users
Unlimited users for the first year means you can share your apps with the whole company so that everyone can benefit from the power of Glide.
Enterprise Compliance
Security audit compliance, domain integration, increased scalability, DDoS protection, and custom terms of service are available to give your IT team peace of mind.

Ongoing app support throughout the year

Once it's built we'll provide ongoing support for questions, best practices, and insights into your usage.

Build-With Sessions
Three days of build time on the initial apps with a Glide team member or Expert and ongoing build sessions as needed throughout the year.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
The Glide team has over a decade of experience in the Enterprise mobile space. One of our dedicated experts will be there to ensure the successful launch of your internal app.
Priority Support & Bug Fixes
If you find a bug or run into an account issue, our priority support queue means your ticket is at the top of our list.

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