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Vincent Verhille

Nantes, France

Datapix Founder and manager, with Aymeric de Maussion

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Erwin Blom


Dutch no-code specialist and enthusiast. Working in media, tech and innovation since 1994. Co-owner of Fast Moving Targets (media on innovation), Productschoool (online no code academy) and The Innovation Station (video platform on innovation).

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Lisa Timbillah

North Carolina, USA

Lisa has 8+ years of experience in marketing and technology with Fortune 500 companies including Viacom and TIAA. Her expertise includes content strategy, brand development and operations management.

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Amit Sarda


I have developed 200+ apps and have published more than 30 Glide Apps Templates in the Glide Apps Template Store. I have helped many entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground with Glide Apps using rapid prototyping. I have also helped businesses build internal applications and tools for their teams. With these engagements, it also helps to be a Business Consultant and a Google Sheets Expert. Glide Apps is the perfect platform to adopt the "show, don't tell" philosophy to test new product ideas, and a Glide Apps Certified Expert like me can get you there faster, with a superior UI/UX design, while you focus on getting traction for your app.

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Stanislas Verjus


I'm a French journalist and Mobile-Video teacher. I’m currently living in Paris and I speak french and english. If you need an expertise about GlideApps, help with your product or want to discuss the incredible stuff that you can do with Glide, let’s chat. Remember, with Glide, you can do almost anything you want!

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Darren Alderman

Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Before you spend a ton of time and energy on an app you’re not sure will work, let me be your strategic partner. In just one week, I’ll create version one of your app so you can show off the full potential of your idea.

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Santiago Perez

Tyler, TX, USA

I am a Language teacher that found passion on making apps that help people, specially teachers and students get some time back. 

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Darren Murphy


I love building things, solving problems, and using technology to create automation. I also like to play golf ;-)

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Matt Browning

New Zealand

I love helping people launch apps that they've been dreaming of creating for a while - or even just MVPs / wireframes - and I love that Glide is the best and easiest way to make that happen.

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Manan Mehta

Mumbai, India

Managing Director of Modernizing Spaces. My company identifies loopholes in business workflows and creates applications to optimize their processes. Glide tutor and app developer at Apps Without Code. Founder at </noscript> - Course to build an app in hours without code.

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Madrid, Spain

Glide lover who found this amazing platform a year ago. Since then I've built many apps for various industries, from restaurants, to travel companies, NGO's, or architecture studios. So if you are looking to digitise your business with this amazing tool, let's have a call and discuss your needs, and remember, anything is possible with Glideapps! Y si no hablas inglés, no hay problema, te respondo en español también!

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Megann Lock

Texas, USA

Your time and money are important. Don’t waste either on an app that you’re not sure will work. Instead, create a strategic alliance with me. I can build an app that is customized to your needs. I have delivered countless creative solutions for my clients and I’m excited to begin collaborating with you! Book a complimentary call today to see your vision come to life with Glide!

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Thinh Dinh

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

24-year-old freelancer, used to work as Sports Writer & Business Intelligence Analyst. Available for hiring to make Glide apps. Contact me at thinh@lowcode.agency.

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Marc Olivier Reula


I am a chemistry teacher in a specialized technical college in Paris. As a side activity, I help small businesses to optimize their management, using GlideApp. I'm creative, thorough and a good listener and have a proven experience in using GlideApp. I strive to find solutions for all their business needs. For the moment, I'm working on an app for a sociology class in Science Po and for a restaurant with a piggy bank account for their clients.

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Martyn Bromley


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South Coast, UK

Oscar and Mark formed V88 in early 2020. Our focus is to build the highest quality, most reliable and most beautiful apps for growing businesses. We listen hard to our customers' requirements and work closely with them to build apps that make a real difference.

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Francisco Maldonado

Táchira, Venezuela

Digital entrepreneur with more than 6 years of experience in technological developments. Since I was a child I was immersed in family businesses, so I grew up in the world of commerce, at the age of 22 I began to combine my passion for business with my passion for technology, developing skills and accumulating experience. Proud of my failures and my successes, I have made my business and my clients grow.

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Jesus Vargas

Miami, FL

I run LowCode Agency; we are the leading Glide app agency. We've developed over 216 apps for small startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies. With a team of 6 full time experts (Glideapps Certified Experts, designers and project managers) and as Integromat Partners we're ready to take your app to the next level.

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Gideon Lahav


I am building apps for SMEs for organizing their data while simplicity and design are the main factors.

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Petr Shemyagin

Moscow, Russia

Hi! I am from Russia, but I also speak excellent English. My call is free if you want to discuss a project. And I do not take upfront fee before building apps, you pay only when you see the result. For the last year I have already built 50+ applications for a variety of areas: from E-commerce apps and IT startups to large oil logistics companies. This experience allows me to quickly understand the client's industry, requirements and build user-friendly apps in 2-3 days. Without wasting your time on perpetual discussion of the tasks. All these cases have also taught me that the possibilities of GlideApps in the hands of an expert are almost limitless. If you run into any restrictions, you can bypass them with integrations, scripts, and automation tools which I constantly use in my work.

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Thomas Dahm


Freelance graphic designer/developer helping brands and startups grow their product and community.

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Melbourne, Australia

I run B3, a small agency that helps startups and small businesses improve their digital processes, save money and do more with less. We can get your idea from concept to product in a few days, and build in automations to extend its functionality. Let’s talk. The first call is always free. I speak English and Indonesian.

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Robert Petitto

Atlanta, Georgia USA

Robert Petitto is an educator with over 15 years of experience. Currently, he is the Innovation and Instructional Technology Specialist for Woodward Academy in Atlanta where he specializes in problem solving, developing high-tech yet easy-to-use solutions, and training others how to leverage technology to become more efficient. Robert has years of experience crafting websites and web apps using both code and nocode tools. When it comes to app development, he has a passion for automation, gamification and graphic design to create beautiful and innovative solutions.

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Andriy Bas

Kyiv, Ukraine

Co-founder and Chief No-code builder at No Code, No Problem

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Brian Jagger

Boise, Idaho

Jagger works in both the film industry and the software development world combining these efforts into HJU Group LLC.

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Matt Trinacty

Honolulu, HI

Efficiency seeking, innovation-loving entrepreneur that’s pickin up what Glide’s puttin down...

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Aymeric de Maussion

Rennes, France

I'm the co-founder of <a href="https://datapix.fr">Datapix</a> with Vincent Verhille. An agency based in Nantes, France

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Lucas Pires

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Passionate about Innovation, No Code & Entertainment. Brazilian, Entrepreneur, No-Programmer, Product Designer, Sales, Marketing, Neuromarketing, Customer Experience, Productivity, Management. CEO of AppLution, with Glide as my main partner, spreading the experience of PWA technology to the whole Brazil and world by 2022. Udemy Glide course: https://bit.ly/glidecourseudemy YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/LucasPiresApps

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Yinon Raviv


I'm from Israel, speaking Hebrew and English Native. I'm an Entrepreneur, No-Code & office lecturer, high tech executive and business-technological consultant and I love helping SMBs and entrepreneurs turning ideas into amazing glide apps and taking their businesses to the next level. I've served 15 years in variety of executive positions in the Telecomunication high-tech industry as CEO, Global Biz Dev & Sales and Global Sales Operations. I'm teaching office tools (Microsoft & Google) and No-Code tools and platform such as glide, WIX, Google Sites and more in organizations, schools and online courses. I'm the founder of the biggest No-Code/glide Facebook group in Israel with over 1k members and the global glide community group on facebook as well.

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Tom Gray

London, UK

I run Glide’s EMEA & UK Enterprise accounts as a Certified Expert and Sales Engineer. I’m also the Head of Live Training here at Glide. I pride myself on fast turnaround and high quality apps for an array of different purposes. I have a great track record for building winning MVPs and powerful apps for work— I’ve also built some of Glide’s App for Work templates. I consult for ITV and my client portfolio includes Weezy, Cazoo and MRE. My work using Glide has been featured in law.com. Glide is a very powerful tool, but building beautiful, data-driven apps in a way that users will love isn’t always straightforward. This is where I can help you. Schedule a call and let’s skyrocket your project to the next level.

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Community Experts

Capable members of our community with a range of skills.

Christophe Gazel

The Hague

From France, living in the Netherlands, I am the owner of a digital studio providing digital tools to enhance your brand or/and your business. I'm glad to be a glider since almost the beginning and be a part of the community!

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Sibongile Booi

South Africa

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Reinaldo Zancoper Jr

Osasco, São Paulo, Brasil

Application developer and photographer

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Boomer Rose

5390 N Pacific Ave Long Beach, Ca 90805

Boomer Rose is a grateful recovering addict and UX/UI expert based on his lived experience. Having experienced incarceration, institutions, and a near-fatal overdose he understands the challenges individuals face upon re-entry and early recovery. Boomer uses his personal experiences with addiction, trauma, and the criminal justice system to better understand the needs of those searching for services at a deeper level. Boomer is the Visionary of Clean and specializes in app development.

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Andrés Almarza


Apasionado por el arte libre y poderoso del desarrollo de las nuevas tendencias tecnológicas.

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Messias Carvalho

Hidrolândia, Brasil

programming student, Glide Specialist. Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/messiascarvalho

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Adrià Solé Cecilia


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Kyle Heney

Ottawa, ON Canada

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Québec, Canada

J'adore Glide et je veux réaliser votre projet d'app ! Je suis de Quebec, mais je peux créer votre app francophone de partout dans le monde.

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Mauricio Paz

Querétaro, MX

I'm administration student, certified in marketing by Google and Graphic Design by Crehana. Passionate for technology and nocode. I help anyone, especially Spanish-speaking people. 🇲🇽

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Ken from Canada

Edmonton, Canada

Tech enthusiast helping organizations solve problems using technology

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Raghav Khandelwal

Jaipur, India

Raghav is Chartered Accountant from India and has an experience of more than 8 years as SAP FICO Consultant. He has provided his services to multiple Fortune 500 companies and has observed their Business processes and best practices very closely.  Recently, he has been providing Business Consultancy services to multiple Small and Medium Business enterprises helping them in organising their Business in a better way to grow further. He believes that platform like Glideapps can be game changer for such SMB Enterprises, as now even they can afford and maintain systems which were earlier meant for Big Enterprises. This could help them grow much faster and scale their operations. 

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Paul Vu

Ho Chi Minh City

I'm Paul Vu - Product Manager. I'm working with alot of startup. I can help build a product from Zero to Product/Market Fit

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Sarah Esteve

Montpellier, France

I'm a french entrepreneur and nocode developer.

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Marcia Danielson

Atlanta GA

Providing solutions for creative entrepreneurs

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Max Drake

New Zealand

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Naos Wilbrink

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Naos Wilbrink, I’ve been in the marketing technology space since 2000. - First as developer, classic ASP - Then as DBA - SQL Server - Started a successful native mobile app agency (sold to Merkle) - GA Pilot, SR20 with ambition to make it my work - MD for Nodes Agency * I have experience running Sprints, Data modelling, Marketing Funnels, and Persuasion models. Extra’s * Volunteer for Stichting Reckoning / Insite In Action * And help my wife with her leadership business

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Paris, France

I'm a French entrepreneur and musician based in Paris, France. I launched my business on Glide, creating an app that lets musicians connect and meet each for real-life studio jams. I explored Glide a lot and I'm ready to help you build your own app according to your needs.

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Muazzim MSH


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Erik Goins

Detroit, Hong Kong

I own Automate Intelligently a full service development agency based in Detroit and Hong Kong.

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Artem Aseev

Samara, Russia

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Jorge Valdéz

Latinoamérica, Ecuador

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Fabio Leanzi

Perinaldo, Italy

Over the past 10 years, I have learned to decipher and use the language of design to help small and large companies to sell

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Sandra and Angelina Vuk


We are teachers from Croatia. We are engaged in the education of teachers with our work in the classroom.

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Efeosasere Okoro


Father, Husband, Teacher, Researcher, No-Code developer and web developer with many years of experience. I am passionate about teaching technology and developing sustainable products mostly for early-stage startups.

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Vancouver, Canada

Founder of Grumo.com

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Fadi Alshiyab 

Jordan, Amman

An Arabic speaking merging application developer with glideapps

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