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Building powerful custom apps starts with data. Just select and connect your own data source or build from scratch.

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“We're a GSuite shop. Glide has a really simple integration with Google Sheets, which our company uses daily. It was the easiest way to get our business apps up and running quickly”

Albert Tsai

Albert Tsai

SVP of Operations and Customer Success, Catapult Sports

Import your data or start from scratchBuilt-in data sources designed for better performance and automation

I need thousands of rows

Glide Tables

Your spreadsheet unleashed.

Try Glide Tables

Tables hold more data, link across all your projects, and sync natively for an exceptionally frictionless experience.

Create a Table from scratch or import existing data from a CSV or XLSX in a few clicks.

I need millions of rows

Glide Big Tables

More rows. Millions more.

Explore Big Tables

Big Tables is an enterprise scale database hosted directly in Glide. Unlock millions of rows with an intuitive interface to easily manage your most demanding workflows.

Skip provisioning and complex configurations and get your database set up in minutes.

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ambitious ideas.

Glide’s Data Editor organizes your data using advanced logic and an intuitive spreadsheet interface to empower anyone to easily edit and customize apps without writing a single line of code or formula.

Everything stays in sync

Whenever your data changes in Glide, it instantly syncs directly back to your data source. You can also manually sync at any time and enable syncing even if no data has changed for extra peace of mind.

Advanced functionality without advanced expertise.

Whether you’re a beginner or a programming master, Glide’s intuitive interface allows you to customize and style each component to build what you need quickly.

Unleash your data’s potential

Create relationships, perform calculations, look up values across other tables, create messages, generate QR codes, call APIs, and more – without writing code or formulas.

Your data’s new life begins today.Turn your data into action.
No coding needed.

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