Referral Links, Select Mode, Webview, Boosts & more

Here's what's new in Glide.

Referral Links, Select Mode, Webview, Boosts & more

Get bonus rows when you refer people to Glide

Get additional rows, for all of your free apps, for each active developer you refer using your unique referral link. Find your link here. Thank you for sharing!

Edit directly with Select Mode

Use Select mode to directly select and edit components while building your app. Tip: Hold Command/Control and click on a component to try it.

Webview Component

This Pro component allows you to embed web pages/assets directly in your app.

Power up with boosts

Boosts are bite-sized power-ups for free apps. For example, you can add 500 rows to all of your free apps for $5 a month. Find boosts in your billing area.

Limits on free apps

You can make an unlimited number of free apps with Glide, but free apps have limits. These include a limit on sheet edits (the number of times Glide updates your app when your sheet changes) and restricting password-protected apps to one user at a time. Learn more.


  • 🏛 We introduced a new Joined List computed column
  • ⚡️ We upgraded the Separator with more spacing options
  • 📲 You can now add a Sign in action inside Public Apps so people can preview your app before signing in

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