TechPublished January 22, 2024

Get into the Glide Data Grid with Jason Smith on the TypeScript Showcase

Curious about the inner workings of Glide? Listen to conversations on data, open source data management projects, and Doom (yes, the video game)

Wren Noble

Wren Noble

Head of Content

Data Grids are used to display text, images, numbers, other data, and... DOOM? With the open-source Glide Data Grid, you can actually play the classic game, pixel-by-pixel. Follow the link and click the word Grid in the title to start your game.

Alternatively, you can watch TypeScript’s Showcase #9 and hear Glide Co-Founder and author of the Glide Data Grid Jason Smith talk in-depth about its features and development. 

The Glide Data Grid is a canvas-based React data grid that can handle scrolling 100 million rows without dropping frames. The grid’s high performance (at 100-1,000x more than most other grids) is what allows it to do impressive tasks like run a fully-playable version of Doom. This data grid is what powers Glide's Data Editor, so this conversation will give you a little glimpse into Glide’s inner workings.

It’s also open-source, so it gets continual improvements from developers outside of Glide as well as Glide’s own team. Anyone can use it, and a lot of technically savvy organizations do, including Snowflake, Adobe’s project management, and even some of Glide’s no code competitors. 

Anyone interested in high-level programming, Javascript, tables, spreadsheets, data, or the tech we use to run Glide should give it a listen.

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Wren Noble

Wren Noble

Leading Glide’s content, including The Column and Video Content, Wren’s expertise lies in no code technology, business tools, and software marketing. She is a writer, artist, and documentary photographer based in NYC.

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