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Hire a Top No-Code Agency with Glide

Meet Glide’s best no-code agencies — low-code and no-code development pros who can help you build any tool you need on Glide’s modern platform.

Hire a Top No-Code Agency with Glide

Looking for an expert to build out an app that streamlines your business operations — or help create a minimum viable product (MVP) for your startup so you can start generating some revenue?

Then it’s time you got to know Glide, a no-code platform that makes building software simple, and our universe of low-code and no-code development pros who can help you build any tool you need on top of it.

What is a No-Code Agency?

No-code describes a type of software development in which a platform is used to help “citizen coders” — people who work with software but don't have the capabilities to create or change it — create websites, applications, and other tools without any coding knowledge.

No-code platforms make this process possible through intuitive drag-and-drop modules, beautifully designed pre-built templates, and integrations that increase the functionality of the software. Low-code platforms often have all of the same features but allow for some code to be created and updated for even more customization. Apps built using no-code platforms are typically much less expensive than traditional custom apps, are highly flexible, and are easier for less tech-savvy individuals to use and manage on an ongoing basis.

All of that leads us to no-code and low-code agencies, which specialize in the ins and outs of these kinds of platforms. These agencies typically work with business owners and supervisors who don’t have the time, resources, or desire to handle software development on their own, but still want all the benefits no-code and low-code platforms have to offer.

Meet Glide And Their Roster Of No-Code And Low-Code Agencies

Like Bubble, Webflow, and other alternatives, Glide is a modern no-code app development platform.

But what sets Glide apart from other no-code tools is its blend of powerful functionality combined with ease of use.

With Glide, data from Excel, Google Sheets, and even Airtable can be turned into fully-featured mobile apps or web pages — a workflow you can learn more about here. And while Glide-based software can certainly be built from scratch, our modern templates give you a leg up on the competition without needing to hire any design support. Once your tool is built, our easy-to-use interface makes it possible for business users to add further functionality, update the look, customize permissions using powerful settings, and integrate with third-party tools (such as Google Analytics) using Zapier to improve your platform's capabilities.

Check out this list of use cases to see just some of the ways Glide’s no-code software builder can be used to create customer relationship manager (CRM) platforms, task managers, storefronts, employee directories, and more.

Signing up is free, and pricing is flexible and affordable from there — if you want to build your own software. But if you’re here for help connecting to some of the best Glide pros in our Experts program, let’s meet them now.

Start Building Business Apps and Automations with These Glide No-Code Agencies

Allow us to introduce you to some of the best individuals and agencies that specialize in using Glide to help businesses and startups build apps, websites, and digital products that drive innovation and success.

1. Vincent Verhille and Aymeric de Maussion @ Datapix

Vincent Verhille is CEO and founder at Datapix, the first French agency to specialize in building Glide-based software.

Vincent founded Datapix in late 2020, and met Aymeric de Maussion in early 2021 through Glide. They formed a partnership and went from being individual Experts to an agency Expert in early 2022. Today, they’re focusing on growing a whole team of Glide Experts at Datapix.

What qualities make you a great member of the Glide creator community?

About 80% of the no-code projects Datapix completes are built in Glide. Our goal as an agency is to maintain a high level of expertise on the platform, keeping up with and testing each new evolution. We strive to push the limits on interconnecting Glide to other services and on developing new features (especially via Google Apps Script development). We also love to work with complex database architecture.

As part of the Glide Community, we are active in the forums — sharing our findings on any bugs or issues we see in Glide (since we use it every day!) and providing feedback about the French market.

We are always happy to communicate with Glide about our thoughts on pricing and features because we view our relationship as a partnership. The more Glide earns through its Experts, the more Glide will be able to invest in new components, functionalities, and updates. In turn, that provides us with an opportunity to grow our business.

In terms of performance, agility, and the development process, Glide is a step above other no-code tools, which is why we choose to work primarily in the platform.

What are your areas of expertise?

We have very complementary experience and skills. Vincent has an engineering and sales background and has worked in various sectors over 25 years. Aymeric has a business and education background as well as strong experience in digital, marketing, and ecommerce. Together, we can serve most industries.

We develop all kinds of projects, with a preference toward those that let us take advantage of all the data and performance characteristics of Glide. We don’t take on as many projects that require strict regulatory frameworks.

Right now, we see a lot of promise in the event application space. We also like to develop ecommerce applications for small and medium B2C and B2B businesses. We are also convinced that m-commerce (mobile commerce) will impact businesses in a big way, so we’re always looking for opportunities that take us down that development path.

What characteristics of Datapix do you want to highlight for potential clients?

We believe in users before tools! Our creative approach is user centric, we put users at the heart of our agile process. And we always try to meet their needs through simple, understandable, efficient, scalable, and maintainable applications.

In addition, we are often recognized for how methodical our development process is. We take great care in guiding our partners through a structured and collaborative process complete with development sprints and regular check-ins where we review and test our progress.

Glide apps you’ve built that you would you like to highlight

We have a great partnership with the French Chess Federation. In October 2021, we launched their first application dedicated to the 2021 French Youth Championship. And in 2022, we will launch two more applications dedicated to the major competitions of the Federation, in particular the French National Championship in August 2022.

We’re also happy to share Reims Emballages, an application that features a dynamic catalog and sales tool for an industrial food packaging distributor.

Testimonial from a happy client

"After the first version launched in October 2021, our application for our Chess French Youth Championship 2022 last week has passed a new milestone this year: it is extremely successful and the figures show it well (growth over the week & total volume of connections with 970k viewed pages during the week of competition). A huge thank you for this incredible service you provide to parents, coaches, and players !" — Eloi Relange, President of the French Chess Federation

2. Darren Alderman

Darren Alderman is an individual Glide Expert who focuses on creating Glide apps full-time. Whereas many Glide Experts come to the space from other careers, Darren actually has a background as a web developer, which gives him the capability to build more complex Glide-based software for his clients.

What characteristics make you a great Glide creator?

I love to teach and share ideas on the things I'm passionate about. Of course Glide is one of those passions, and I like to share tutorials and projects I'm working on through my YouTube channel.

A unique quality is that I am originally a web developer, so I come to the no-code space knowing how to code. This gives me a robust toolbelt with different strategies for approaching problems. One area where I have seen this experience shine is when working with APIs. APIs are the essential link for connecting different apps and websites so they can work together. With my expertise in APIs, I've been able to design some pretty advanced solutions for clients in Glide.

Any specialties within Glide?

In addition to traditional business apps, I also love to build platforms that connect communities. I want to help businesses serve their customers, clients, and communities with ease through software.

What special skill do you want to feature for potential clients?

I have become a master at turning loose requirements and somewhat jumbled ideas into easy-to-use software that streamlines processes and solves headache-including problems for my clients.

Glide projects you’d like to share

I build apps as well as publically-available Glide templates. My #TeamSeas Matching Game app helps raise awareness around what #TeamSeas is doing to remove plastic from our waterways. And my Rental Manager template is great for anyone who needs an app that helps them keep track of and take care of rental properties.

Happy client review

"I wish I could hire Darren outright. His leadership on this project was invaluable. I'm sure he would say it was his technical abilities that made this possible, which is true. Yet, the best part of working with Darren is his deliberate attention (and coaching) to view all aspects of the app from the user experience. Furthermore, he has patience and a unique ability to truly listen to all perspectives and help all on the team come to a great decision (of which I feel he knew was the right one all along, yet let us feel we shaped the right result). I cannot thank him enough." — Laura M.

3. Jesus Vargas @ LowCode Agency

Jesus Vargas runs and is the founder of LowCode Agency, a leading agency in the Glide Expert community. Their global team of certified Experts has built more than 230 apps for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies alike.

What qualities make LowCode a leading Glide builder?

We focus not only on our clients’ immediate needs, but we also help them look at the big picture. If it’s an internal app for a business, we make sure they know we can integrate the app with their CRM or project management tool. If it’s a consumer-facing app, we create a development plan that also involves our designers and copywriter to create a unique user experience that converts users.

The LowCode team is really technical but, at the same time, really good at translating client needs into beautiful, easy-to-use, and scalable solutions.

What do you specialize in within Glide?

We are industry agnostic and we typically serve two types of clients. First is entrepreneurs who want to build their first MVP to validate an idea, get their first customers, and start making money. We help them with strategy, defining their client personas and then building an app that exceeds their and their clients’ expectations.

Our other type of client is medium-sized businesses that want to streamline their operations. We build apps and automate processes to make their teams more productive.

What skills do you want to highlight for potential clients?

As the leading Glide Experts agency, we've done a lot of projects. That means that we’ve learned a lot when it comes to best practices. We always apply these best practices when we're building a new app, ensuring that the app is able to grow as our clients' needs grow as well.

And something that a lot of clients like about working with us is how process-oriented we are. We have a unique process that helps us understand our clients’ needs and translate them into an app.

Share some Glide projects you’re proud of?

You can see most of our work on our website portfolio, but I also want to highlight Podz App, Napps Hairdressing Marketplace AppConscience Cart, gigLAW, Level Insights, and Telesomm.

Any happy client stories?

We’ve collected a lot of great reviews from clients on our testimonials page. One of my favorites is from the Podz founder:

“We are super happy with the app, which has been launched into the marketplace. Few revisions have been made, and we are really impressed with LowCode Agency’s services. They’re cost-effective and deliver on time, and they understand the client’s needs, resulting in a great collaboration. We've been working with them closely to add more features!” — Catherine Jackson, founder Of Podz

4. Robert Petitto

Finally we have Robert Petitto, an individual Glide Expert located near Atlanta, GA.

What qualities make you a great member of the Glide creator community?

I'm an instructor at heart. I have a passion for discovering something new and then sharing it with others. From the first day I started developing with Glide, I immersed myself in it and contributed to the Glide Community forum. It continues to be my primary form of social media.

I soon gained confidence in my development skills and realized that I had a knack for finding novel and outside-the-box solutions using Glide. I began creating tutorial videos and posted them to my YouTube channel. I now have over 100 tutorials on my channel and over 3K subscribers who keep me inspired to continue to create, innovate, and instruct.

What do you consider your specialty within Glide?

While some might say I specialize in gamification, subscriptions, and education, in reality, I've built all sorts of apps several times over.

Some of my most common requests are video fitness apps, habit trackers, company CRMs, employee incentivization platforms, directories, learning management apps, and marketplaces — all gamified, of course.

What are your strongest Glide skills?

When it comes to Glide app development, I have a keen understanding of how to accomplish a client's requests — how to get from point A to point B as efficiently and comprehensively as possible. I have a talent for handling complex data sets and streamlining them into manageable and comprehensible relations. Lastly, I have a solid foundation in no-code automation tools like Zapier and Make and have been improving my skill set related to implementing APIs.

Show us one of your favorite Glide apps that you’ve built

My Fourth is an app that answers the question: You’ve had a baby, now what? The 30-day personalized postpartum guide has daily tips and educational videos. The daily tracker logs your mood, birth recovery, and wellness every day. It’s like your own virtual postpartum doula, on demand.

Can we hear from some of your happy clients?

I’ve got several testimonials from satisfied customers:

"Robert is an absolute expert! Very knowledgeable on how to utilize the glide platform (more than anyone else we’ve ever worked with), was fast at executing, and very communicative throughout the process (sent updates frequently). Looking forward to working with him again very soon!!"

"Robert is truly an exceptional glide developer. He's found countless workarounds to make our product requirements translate properly into Glide and come to life so quickly (I couldn't believe it!). The team was blown away with the speed of implementation, quality, and your outstanding communication throughout the entire process. Robert, my team and I can't wait to work with you again and again and again!"

"Robert was so easy to work with! I told him what I wanted and he understood exactly! But not only that, he went above my expectations!! He was very clear in explaining how he built what I requested. Very awesome person! I will be working with him in the future!"

"Robert was a dream to work with! He immediately understood my vision and created a Glide app that matched my exact requirements - and did so with an extraordinary amount of patience. I really appreciated his quick response times and willingness to explain every component of the app to me so that I could edit certain features in the future on my own. If you need help with a Glide app, I would highly recommend working with Robert. Thanks so much again!"

What Will You Build With Your No-Code Agency Partner?

We believe the future of software lies in low and no-code development. Take part in shaping that future when you hire a Glide Expert to build your next product or business app.

Or, if you're interested in joining the Glide Expert community, check out our guide to becoming an Expert.

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