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How to Become a No-Code Development Expert with Glide

Here’s how to grow your business and join Glide’s community of no-code freelancers and agencies.

Brett Haralson

Brett Haralson

Glide Experts

How to Become a No-Code Development Expert with Glide

No-code apps are the future

In the past, the only way for a business to build a new app was to hire a highly specialized developer or agency. It took a full tech design, proficiency in a bunch of coding languages, and lots of time. 

Not anymore. With Glide, no-code apps are changing how businesses can go digital.

By 2024, no-code will be 65% of development.

By 2025, 70% of new business apps will use no-code tech.

This means that non-IT developers or anyone with a design side hustle can really make a career out of building apps freelance. If you build on Glide, you could be the one to snatch up all those job opportunities.

Businesses need help building apps

Almost every business needs or will need an app soon to stay relevant. 

Mom and pop, brick and mortar, e-comm — it doesn’t matter. If their business relies on spreadsheets, logs, or lists of any kind, they could use a custom app. Internal apps help organize and make behind-the-scenes processes smoother. Customer-facing apps help them interact with their customers where they are.

There are too many potentially helpful apps to count. Inventory lists, applicant trackers, bar menus, customer portals, property managers…the need for specialized apps goes on and on.

But moving from the tried and true offline methods to the digital space can be intimidating for businesses. They’re already great at what they do, and figuring out how to technologically improve is a lot to take on themselves. They have the need. There is demand. So who is going to build all these custom apps? 

The world needs more no-code developers

Companies are catching on that no-code is the quickest way to get what they need. Migrating to no-code helps them use 70% fewer resources when compared to traditional app-building platforms. 85,000 companies have already joined Glide, but they still need help. They know what they’re missing and they know what they want built, but don’t know exactly how to do it. 

Yes, Glide allows anyone to create an app. You may not need to write JavaScript, but there is a learning curve and logic to no-code app building. It takes time to expedite the process and get the perfect result that will make the client completely satisfied. 

If you’re already familiar with Glide and have built an app or two, you are already at an advantage. You know how to speed up projects by customizing pre-built templates. You know how to easily turn your clients’ spreadsheets into an app in seconds.

You can leverage all that knowledge to become an expert.

Why become a Glide Expert?

Speedy app-creation

Creating apps on Glide is significantly faster than writing code from scratch. No-code platforms speed up app development by 90% compared to traditional app-building platforms. Get a finished app to your client in weeks, not months.

Glide apps fit like a glove

No bloatware, Glide is software that fits your client’s needs. The apps you make support your client’s processes, and not the other way around. 

Be the technician and the designer

Glide gives you the power to develop and design — all with drag-and-drop. When your client has a vision, you can bring it to life completely by yourself.

Less maintenance

Create simple admin tools so that your clients can self-serve. They can make changes on their own and take care of the backend without you needing to step in.

ROI is extremely high for clients

Since they can maintain the app after handoff, their investment can be one-time. This saves them money and gives you more time to take on new clients.

Everything the Expert Program offers

When you become a Glide Expert, you get a whole lot more than a cool title. The Expert Program includes:

Additional payment per project

You can get revenue sharing based on clients signing up or automatically when you are associated with your client's team. 


The exclusive network of Glide developers gives you an opportunity to ask questions, get support, and meet others who do what you do.

Product betas

Enjoy early access to new Glide features. When you’re first to know what’s coming down the pipeline, you can solve more of your existing clients’ issues and add more capabilities to their apps. Plus, you can offer even better solutions to new clients.

Exclusive resources

Keep honing and perfecting your skills with on-demand trainings, live webinars, and dedicated expert events.

How to join

Glide helps you create powerful apps that always make clients happy. So start growing your own business and join the Expert Program today!

Become a Glide Expert today.

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