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Jack, Education Lead / February 2022

Today, we’re officially launching the Glide Expert program, a rapidly growing network of experts and agencies who are in high demand with businesses using Glide.

The adoption of No Code in companies is a big deal, and it’s happening quickly. If you are already building with Glide, you could be making money with your skills. Many of our experts didn’t even know about Glide a year ago and they now make a living from it.

Apply here to get certified as a Glide Expert. We’ll then put you in our directory, and you’ll start getting your first calls.

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How you make money

There are two primary ways you make money as a Expert.

  1. The build fee
  1. The revenue share

Build Fee

The build fee is something that you’re going to negotiate based on your customer's ability to pay and their needs.

For example, you might charge a local bakery business $2,000 for a simple project. But if an enterprise asked you to build something to replace a large system they are already paying $50,000 a year for — you might charge $20K.

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‘Our projects start at $3,500, and they’ve gone up to $12,000. As Glide grows, we’ll be able to increase this — and because we don’t need specialist engineers or designers, our margins are very good. Customers are used to using million-dollar apps like Uber & Netflix. With Glide, they put in the data, we build the logic, and they get the app. Then we can help them focus on developing that project and helping them grow their business.’

Jesus Vargas | Low\Code Agency

Revenue Share

The second way you make money is through a revenue share in your client’s subscription. As an Expert, you’ll share this revenue indefinitely — so long as you and your client remain active.

This allows you to continue to grow your client accounts. For example, suppose your client starts with one glide app. You make 20% of their subscription. If three months later you’ve helped them build three more apps and onboard more of their employees, their Glide subscription will grow, and so will your share of it.

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It’s not as hard as you think.

Even though Glide makes building great software easy, the business of building apps for companies can seem a bit daunting if you’re just getting started.

We created the Certified Experts program to help you launch and grow your business as a developer. When you join, you’re part of a community of other experts with who you can collaborate and are here to support you.

It’s also important to remember that most companies are dying to level up and modernize their systems, but so many don’t do it because traditional software development is complex and time-consuming.

If you can quickly build just one simple app for a potential customer (maybe around a spreadsheet they’re already using), you’ll blow their mind. You could even make them a simple project for free, without asking, and send it to them. That would probably really get their attention! 😉

Apply to be an expert today, get certified, and start making software for a living.

We can’t wait to see what you build.


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