Turn your data into custom apps without coding

Create portals, dashboards, directories and more from the spreadsheets you already use.

Your data never looked so good.

Always looks great

Apps adapt their design to look great on screens of all sizes.

Pretty yet powerful.

Trigger actions to do just about anything, and look good while doing it.

No code. No design.

No code or tricky visual editor–just simple building blocks that display your data.

The data must flow.

Changes to your data instantly update your app, and vice versa.

What you can build

So, what can you build with Glide?

Interfaces for browsing, managing, and acting on data.



Give customers & employees a cozy space to interact.

Simple to Share

Share your portal as a simple web link, and anyone can access it for any device–mobile, tablet, desktop, and more.

Easy to Secure

Limit who can access your portal based on a list of approved email addresses, or open it to anyone who signs up.

Customize for Every User

Each user can see just their own data, data shared with everyone, or data specific to their group or role.



Create a dashboard your company will love to use.

Organize with Collections

Tables, lists, cards, and other collection types transform any data into a rich, interactive view.

Navigate with Ease

Organize your dashboard with tabs and detail pages that manage all of the little details for you.

Bring Your Own Brand

Match the accent color to your brand and upload your company logo to make your app yours.



The days of sharing lists in spreadsheets are so over.

Beautiful Today & Tomorrow

Apps update their design automatically as trends evolve, so they always look fresh.

Through Thick & Thin

Whether on a large-screen computer or on your phone, apps adapt to any screen size.

Forever In-Sync

Edits to your sheet instantly update your directory. Changes made on your app write back to your sheet. Brilliant!

Loaded with features

If you can think it, you can build it.

Get Started

Your business is on the menu.

Organize every aspect of your business as its own tab, then collect them in a convenient menu.

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Learn from Jack and other experts.

No screen is too big
or too small.

Apps adapt to any screen. Whether on a phone, laptop, or desktop–they always shine.

Share Instantly
Share Instantly

With QR codes or links.

Rich Collections
Rich Collections

Display data beautifully.

Wait – there's more.

Modern Themes

You don’t need a designer to create a beautiful app.

User Profiles

Store data in a user’s profile to customize the experience.

Action-packed Menus

Group actions in menus to control & update your data.

Efficient Overlays

Open data for editing in overlay windows that keep your place.

Data Drilldown

Apps are organized in a hierarchy that’s easy to browse.

Collaborate with Anyone

Add anyone to your team to work on apps together.

Greg Dolder, Director of Technology, BMC Switzerland

“Our customers and partners have the most up-to-date information, and we're saving a ton of engineering time.”

Greg Dolder, Director of Technology, BMC Switzerland

Great design is built in.

Great design is built in.

Your apps snap together from pre-designed blocks. No need to fuss with pixels, colors, or spacing.

Everything stays in sync

Everything stays in sync

Connect apps to the same data to create powerful, multi-platform scenarios that will leave your colleagues speechless.

Keep your data safe & secure.

Securely control access using a list of preapproved email addresses. Assign user roles for even more control.

Bring your own data, and keep it that way.

Glide works with the tools you already use, updating your data where it lives.

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