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LowCode is the leading Glide agency. We've developed over 267 apps for entrepreneurs and small startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies (American Express, Medtronic, etc). We use Glide to start, grow or scale your business and get you the best ROI. Our unparalleled expertise and our 10-strong team will get you the best possible app for the best price. See some testimonials at and some of our work at Book a call today!


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Apps by LowCode Agency
Hair & Nails Salon and Spa

A template for salons and spas to manage their operations and bookings.

My Taxi Company

Manage your taxi/transport company with this app. Get daily revenue and expenses in a simple GSheet format. Get your business in order with this simple but powerful app for only $14.99 for a limited time.

Home Widget

Keep track of your home maintenance and get reminders of what you need to do each month!

My Shoots

This app is targeted for Shooting Clubs all over the world, to be part of any club you need the club's "secret code". Shoots and beaters can see all their club's upcoming and past shooting events. The manager of each club can post shooting events and can send invites to the clubs members. But we added an additional feature where club manager can choose for a shoot to be public, meaning all users from all clubs can see and attend the shoot. We also have a chat tab from club members from within a club to connect, and the club's profile of course where users can see more details of their club.


This app helps a mental health clinic keep track of all the past and incomming insurance claims, to have a better control and actionable data. This app allows users to help with this process according to their department. Which also improves communication between departments by centralizing all data.

Front Desk app

This app is for a mental health clinic and it has four user roles, front desk users, admin, assistants and the Super Admin. Front desk users can update the peety cash by registering the movements on the cash register, they can also add the attending patients or no-shows for each provider of the clinic, on a daily basis. On the other hand, Admin users can update the cash register at any time by adding or subtracting cash, and can close the register for the day. The closing of one day reflects on the next day's inicial amount for the cash. We have multiple types of payments, CC, DB, and of course cash, but for the closing amount and the inicial amount we only take into consideration cash movements. These cash register flow can be better explained bellow. We also have a separate section that only for medical assistants can see, to keep track of their productivity, we did an amazing automation to bring the patient's info.

Equestrian International

Marketplace app where users can see horses based on their preferences (price, type, etc) and can send an enquiry to the Admin to buy.

Real Estate Company

A beautiful template for keeping track of your real estate company. Offer your customers a fantastic customer experience by providing the link to your app with all your properties, details, pictures, maps and more. For a limited time only $49.99

Push Challenges

Fitness app, that has a 12 week challenge that users can enjoy by completing each week consecutivelly, while sharing their reviews on each week's challenge. The Admin can create, read, update and delete weeks, classes, users and more.

Level Insights

Community app for stock traders, where they can see trends from the stock market, and follow top traders and their recommended stocks.

Emotional Resilience

App dedicated to teens and youngsters, providing tools to improve their mental health, as well as keep a journal their emotions amongst other self-improvement resources. Like a baby this app has been growing over time providing more features for young people to better their emotional state.

Connect 2 Docs 4 Kids

A public directory of pediatric practices with subscription module included in the Glide app!


App that allows users to keep track of their properties, and their related assets, bills, tasks, and contacts. And allows you to set email reminders for tasks, and includes a few fun automations like an OCR feature for bills, as well as an API call for manuals for assets.

African Ever After

Marketplace for African wedding vendors and clients


Job app targeted at veterans and their wives in a Tinder-like format where users can search for a job type and see all the offers by swiping left or right depending on their likes, get matches, save their jobs, have a 1:1 chat with the recruiters, and many more.


Habit Tracking app, that allows users to share their habits and progress with people within their group, users can add their own habits, and score the performance of each habit on the daily basis.

Conscience Cart

The easy way to shop your conscience with confidence

Simini Glide page

This Glide Page is an easy to use landing page where users can fill a form to sign up to the app and onboard.

Consejo Coordinador Empresarial

Needs Internal app for the largest & most important business organization in Mexico. They needed to show user specific information depending the access level of each user. Results Hundreds of users and a dozen admins managing information, uploading files, reports, videos and calendar events in an easy to use app.


App targeted for millennial and generation x women, where users can upload affirmations and have a log of their ideas, and can share those affirmations to give positive inputs to other users. The motto of the app is “Believe in the you that others do.”


Pijme app helps users get free drinks from different spots in the Czech Republic. Users can see a list of restaurants and up to 4 drinks per restaurant to redeem and get for free. We only allow users to redeem one drink a day, by redeeming a code that restaurants can scan (barcode) or manually input the code's number. Users get free drinks and restaurants get more consumers and exposure through the app.

Sell Online Classes

Are you going digital? Use this template to sell online classes through your own app and start making money today!

Real Estate Company

Manage your real estate company with this beautiful template. Share a link with your customers, and they will be able to see all your listings in a professional way.

Sailors Club

A booking app for a boat & yacht rental company.

Surgery Sam

This app helps users get information on how to help their pets pre and post surgery with a bunch of explanatory videos with tips & tricks that are targeted for each day of the post surgery journey of the pet.

An Airbnb app for vacation rental properties, with transport, tours and other up-sells.

The Peacewatchers

An app where users can report their location to the community when they feel threatened.

Mareazul Hotel

Official app for Mareazul, a large hotel in Playa del Carmen

Cibo Groups

App that allows restaurants to donate food to NPO's and sell food at discounted prices.


SMS marketing for growing virtual restaurants


Online booking app for beauty salons on the UK focused on afroamerican hairstyles and hairtypes. Where customers can book salons and hairdraissers, while hair experts can promote their work and keep control of their schedule.

Speak at Podcast

An app to match podcasters and guests.

Simini review app

This app provides a clean interface for pet surgeons and veterinaries so they could communicate with each other and follow up with the pets accordigly.

Humble VC

Cohort app, where startups or SMBs can get a better overview of their company and how to move forward with it by filling various types of foms/cases that pave their path to potential success and create documents that can be shared within the same cohort members.


This app is for a solar pannel company, who needed to better the on-site processes through a digital platform. According to a role, users can see and do different things in the app. Managers go ahead and add a new project for an on-site visit, and add all the visit's info, such as, location, date and time, etc. The manager can assign an On-Stite Worker for them to use the app the day of the visit. On-site workers, can open the app, choose the type of form or forms he needs to fill, and start adding measurements, photos, docs, voltage, etc. On-site workers can mark visits as complete, once they've filled in the corresponding forms for Managers to review and close.

Distrito Gourmet Restaurant

App for a restaurant group. The objective # 1 was to create a quick solution for them to sell gift cards during lockdown. Phase # 2 will be converting the app into a full fledged delivery app.


Foodie community for homemade food experts to be able to share their dishes, and sell them to fundraise. The diner users can choose from the meal tickets' categories: vegie food, and sweets. Food experts and diners can chat with each other, to share their ideas and make a community.


Sommeliers directory where users can purchase virtual 1:1 experiences with amazing sommeliers. Sommeliers can add their favorite booking method and receive a notification once they're booked.


A simple church app to keep updated and in touch.

Euforia e-Commerce Store

Simple e-commerce app to sell flowers.

Paititi Restaurant

Digital (post-COVID) and multilingual menu for restaurant.

My Unilah

This app is built for students to claim promo codes and for brands to showcase their products an offer some good deals. Students can join this app, with a verified educational email only, and when approved by the Admin. Students can see a bunch of their favorite products under different categories, and they can also see their favorite brands on a mapview to see proximity. With the click of a button, users can claim a product which reveals the promo code. By looking at the "My Claims" tab users can see all the items they've claimed, with their promo code and status: Pending/Used. What about brands? Well, brands can join the app and add their logo, description, location, etc; to keep things legit, brands also have wait for the Admin's approval. Once approved they can add their products, with images, available inventory, description, T&Cs of each promo and more, without needing to worry about the generation of the promo codes. Why? We've automated this process so promo codes are automatically generated. Students can walk into a store, show their promo code on their phone through the app, and the Brand can mark the claim as Used.

UHome Reentry

A platform that allows people that have been in jail to navigate their release process with ease.

Macondo 5th Av Hotel

Official app of Macondo 5th Av Hotel, in Playa del Carmen

First Look

Baseball app that connects coaches with young baseball players, and helps couches track the player's stats and performance, and students can get more changes to be chosen for teams.


All in one app! This app is company specific, meaning users have to enter their company code, to keep the app gated and secure per company. Users see see resources, can book mental health experts and events and can do daily check-ins that can help improve their relationship with their work, to have a happy worklife.

Detail Secure

This app targets Security Firms so they can manage their job requests, and professional agents; whilst targeting clients who need private security for multiple types of events. Clients can request a security guard/agent, by posting a job with the details of the event, date, time, addrees, and more, so both firms and guards can see all posted jobs either on a map or a list, to see if they fit the job's requirements. The app also provides email automations to firms & agents when a job is posted, and to clients when a job has been accepted. This app makes users finding each other way easier and allows for a streamlined clean process.

The Freebirds Community

An app to manage a community, jobs, content and more.

HCC Wise

This app allows users to improve their coding organization, therefore having more time to focus on revenue, and other daily tasks, allowing users to complete more charts in less time with easy access to the code library.

Yelp-ish Glide App

A Yelp like app.

Mental Toughness Academy

App dedicated to young athletes and their parents as well as coaches, focused on sports. According to their age and user role (Athlete +18, Parent, Child or Coach), users are put into an email campaign to promote the app and its content. The main purpose of the MVP was to get to parents onboarding and familiar with what's offered in the app.


An app to provide continuous education to retail employees in Australia.

Jeff Schick Legal

App that allows users to see different resources according to a third party subscription, where they can have better communication with the app owner and enjoy exclusive content.


This app helps users track meeting interactions, and produce automatic analytics for this interactions.

Learn to Glide with Jesus

An app with videos and templates to learn how to use Glide.


Locksmith's company app where services are showcased, so users can easily book and choose from.

My Mantra

An app that allows users to create personalized mantras and get email/text reminders.

Skyline Champion

A supply chain app to order production to the mill.


This app targets hockey players with dirty uniforms. In the app users can see the service offered with a supper pro machine that cleans hockey gear.

EDI app

Solution that provides diversity education to enterprises and large groups of people.

Kiddie Kapital

App dedicated to financial education for kids. Where parents can keep track of their kids' spending, givings and savings balances. This app allows parents to add their kids to the platform so they can have an interactive experience with their finances. Kids can see a pool of paid chores added by their parents and complete them to increase their spending balance. They can also donate to NPOs and can contribute to family rewards, as well as set goals like buying a new toy.

Cal's Mobile Auto Detail

We at recently delivered another simple app, but integrated with Calendly, using the webview component, ended up being an amazing app, both for our clients and his clients. Clients book through the app. We connected calendly with Zapier back to the spreadsheet, so the business owner can keep track of the services that have been booked. We built a couple of tabs with reports for the owner. The client gets in his/her profile a list of the services they’ve requested from the business. Using the recent workflow automations from Calendly, we even set up reminders to the clients to book again their car detailing service. Simple, yet powerful!

SyB Consultores

Internal app for a psychological consulting company to optimize and have visibility of its workflows, from the moment an assessment is requested by a client until the service is paid.


A marketplace of online classes by the best teachers in their niche. The app provides a payment option for 1 class and packages.

Team Shep

A full blown SaaS for SMB's who want to keep track of their OKRs.

Just Like Me

JustLikeMe; make informed decisions about your life insurance purchase by providing you with information on life insurance purchases made by people just like you.

Podz app

Platform where content creators can share and sell their "podz".


I wanted to share with you guys an app we at helped build called It’s a yelp-like app where businesses can add their listing and publish their menus, items, etc. Since the client has commitments from hundreds of businesses to be part of the app, they decided to build one app for businesses to add their information, and another, public app.


A list of over 1,600 restaurants open during lockdown in Mexico City. Users can filter by location, type of food, etc; and find the nearest one. App got sponsored by American Express.


This app helps patients make orders to heal or treat their woonds. On the other hand, users who manage the inventory and wearhouse can see the order sent via email with the patient's info, the list of items on the order, and the time and date when the order needs to be delivered.

Planet Health

Covid testing app, where users in the entertainment envioronment can sign and complete consent forms, to be able to receive their covid test results, whilst the app Admins can send out this results and keep track of their patients.


Real estate app that allows users to toggle between a list view and a map view of rental properties, view their details, landlord information, reviews, and submit a proposal to lease the house.

Large, very complex app that allows users to purchase a subscription that allows them to send faxes.


Simple app for online classes for kids

Restaurant Menu

A beautiful, 1 page app with a menu for the #1 rated restaurant in the famous Acapulco!


Matching app between Veterans and Resources, based on the Veteran's profile details such as rank, gender, service status, type of discharge and much more.


App that helps connect law students with law firms. Law firms can post their assignemts for all students to see, and students can take assignments and earn some side money, whilst bettering their CV. Law firms can rate students based on their performance for other law firms to see.

Bethel Link

Bethel Link is a community app for Churches, Pastors, Leaders and Members to join and communicate. This app includes Sermons, Events, and more!

Solar Panel Cancun

App for a solar panel installation company

Summer Workout

A 21 day workout challenge by head coach, Ivonne

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