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Introducing Glide Pages

Glide reinvented for the web.

David, CEO / November 2021

Today we're extending the software that you can build in Glide with a new product: Glide Pages. Glide Pages is Glide reinvented for the web. A web app & website builder with responsive layouts, beautiful collections, powerful actions, and many more exciting new features.


Pages are powered by Collections–rich views of your data that can be configured as cards, grids, tables, and more. Use cards for items with images, use tables for denser data, and configure other display options like size and actions.

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Beautiful Design Included

High-level design options let you design your entire Glide Page in seconds, without fussing with low-level concepts like hex values, pixels, or breakpoints. Play with accent colors, move the navigation around, and add your own logo.

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Multiple Actions

Glide Pages are powerful. You can attach multiple actions to your collections, collection items, and other components. Actions can update your data, call webhooks, display notifications, and change their behavior based on your data.

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Last but certainly not least, Pages are automatically responsive, so they adapt for every screen. They even look great on mobile–watch out, Glide Apps!

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