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InspirationPublished June 14, 2024

Why Hire a Glide Expert to Build Custom Software Solutions for Your Business

No code agencies and developers can get you the efficiency boost of custom apps - faster and more affordably than was ever possible with traditional development

Wren Noble

Wren Noble

Head of Content

Why Hire a Glide Expert to Build Custom Software Solutions for Your Business

No code grew a strong DIY following during its early days that continues to be a big part of the no code movement today. However, that doesn’t mean that do-it-yourself is the only way to do no code development.

No code technology is now a mature field, with users ranging from family-owned small businesses to global enterprise companies and everything in between. A thriving ecosystem of professional no code agencies and independent developers has emerged to support those businesses by helping them create custom no code tools and find solutions to their trickiest business problems.

Glide is a no code platform that businesses use to build their own software and connect the data and tools they use for work. No code app development with Glide is significantly faster and more cost effective than traditional software development with code. This means custom software is suddenly accessible to a much broader range of businesses and budgets. Startups can quickly build new systems or prototype new SaaS products with limited resources. Small businesses can create mobile apps that feel professional and make them look good to their customers. Large businesses can build internal tools for a single team or even software to support their company-wide processes.

Faster, more affordable development also means that it makes financial sense to build custom software for many more types of applications, without having to justify a huge investment. You can create one-off tools to facilitate a conference or a project management tool for a single team when it wouldn’t have been cost-effective to use software that way before.

Glide has a world-class no code development network. Glide Experts are dedicated no code developers who know the Glide platform inside and out. They have experience creating custom software for all kinds of businesses and use cases and are the first in line to adopt cutting-edge features when they come out. Some specialize only in Glide, while others can help you build websites, databases, and workflow automation alongside your business tools. You can hire a dedicated freelancer to work with you 1:1 or get the help of a full-service agency.

Whoever you work with, no code Experts will help put you fully in control of your own tools and processes. 

You know your business—Experts know the tools

Creating custom software is the best way for businesses to efficiently manage operations in a digital world. The biggest benefit of custom applications is that you can tailor them to your exact specifications. No one knows your unique pain points and the needs of your business like you do. Experts know Glide—and the tools that can be used with it—inside and out and can create stable, scalable, high-performing solutions extremely quickly.

Adam Wingfield, founder of Innovative Logistics Group (ILG), worked with two Glide Experts, Hassan Qureshi and Bob Petito, to build iDispatchHub, a custom trucking dispatch app that has earned them $1 million in sales and counting. ​​”We were able to take our IP, combine it with their skill with technology, marry those two together, and create beautiful projects. It’s really just been a game changer for us.”

Earning $1 million in sales with an AI-powered logistics app

Earning $1 million in sales with an AI-powered logistics app

Read how

It’s a truly collaborative project where both side’s expertise is essential. Hassan began his work with Adam by taking time to explore his business deeply and understand his vision. “Adam already had a prototype,” said Hassan. “He told me his ideas, what he was currently working with, and asked me to convert it into an app.” 

“That’s where my expertise came in—I know what Glide can do, I know Glide's true potential, and I can suggest my ideas.” 

Founders, operations, IT folks, and technically skilled team members certainly have the skill to develop their own no code apps, but your time is precious. “If you look at Adam, for example,” Hassan explained, “he is running so many apps. He needs to spend his own time looking after those businesses and those customers. He can't spare all his time doing the tech work, so he needs someone like me to look after his apps.”

Experts can help you build faster and more effectively

No code isn’t just faster than coding. Expert no code developers can become incredibly efficient with their tools, helping you build and iterate quickly. The experience and skill that Experts bring to the table will help you get results much more quickly than you could if you were trying to learn the platform at the same time as building your tools. Their skill with no code technology also means they can build apps that are more performant and have a smoother user experience.

“By hiring a Glide Expert developer, you're going to have constant support for your apps, said Hassan, “And, of course, we work 100 times faster than anyone new to a no code platform. We can save a lot of time.”

With no code, you’re looking at a timeline of days for simple internal tools to weeks for a complex customer-facing application. Compare that to a timeline of months with a traditional development process. “With his support, we were able to get the initial product up and running into an MVP stage in about three months,” said Adam. “Coding something from scratch with a development team would have taken a lot longer. Obviously, the longer it takes, the more costly it becomes. You're not able to go to market as quickly as you want to. As an entrepreneur and as a business owner, getting into the market as quickly as possible is so important.”

Iteration is also significantly faster and more cost-effective with no code tools. You can make changes as your business grows, ensuring your software scales with your needs. Lots of businesses will keep experts on retainer, forming long-term partnerships and gaining a skilled technical ally for their team. 

“Whenever we want to make a change, we ping Hassan, and it's literally done that day,” explained Adam. “He's so quick and responsive, and he knows Glide better than the back of his hand. He does a phenomenal job.” 

With traditional coding, businesses are often stuck with custom tools that quickly become outdated or obsolete since the cost of updating any of their tooling is so high. Not to mention how difficult it can be for a new developer to make changes to someone else’s code. No code makes this process a painless and affordable part of your regular app maintenance.

“Are you okay with paying thousands and thousands of dollars for just one small change? Of course not. Then, yeah, welcome to the world of no code!” said Hassan.

Experts will help you find critical solutions for your business

Another benefit of the expertise of a Glide Expert is specializing in building business tools gives them an eye for spotting opportunities for new tools or additional features that will make your life easier. Glide is constantly evolving the platform and adding more advanced features like AI or workflow automation triggers. Experts will be the first to get access, and they can update your web apps with the newest technology. 

“As we add features and keep up with the advancements within Glide, we'll bring in our Experts to help incorporate them. So as Glide gets better, we get better, too. It's just been a great journey overall to have their support tied to our success,” said Adam.

Bob and Hassan have been able to tie new APIs directly into the application, make it feel natural on the interface side, and incorporate AI into the app to increase accuracy. “Just recently, I knew that Glide's AI had gotten a lot more powerful,” explained Hassan. “Now they are using OpenAI's ChatGPT's higher power version. I had the idea that instead of entering a load manually, we could just upload the load file and have the AI read all the details and fill out the form automatically. He loved it, and he said go for it.

iDispatchHub creates better visibility for both dispatchers and drivers in the field.

Glide plans for businesses also include unlimited apps. You can build as many no code solutions as you need with just one platform. Your no code developer will be able to identify where your business could benefit from a new tool, helping you fully utilize your plan. If your initial build was a project management tool, your no code expert might see opportunities to create a knowledge base for users to reference and a customer portal to deliver the final product.

“I can find opportunities for technology to help make things more efficient,” said Hassan, “Because that's what I love. I love to understand business processes, and I love to show my clients how we can improve them through Glide apps and make new suggestions for their businesses.”

Agencies have diverse no code and low code skills

Many no code development agencies will have experience with a variety of no code and low code tools and can help you create many different solutions for your business. They can help you build a Webflow landing page or use WordPress plugins to build a successful marketing website and then create an ecosystem of mobile applications to help you manage that website. 

They can build automated workflows that save you time and make your work more efficient. A skilled expert will be able to use no code automation tools like Zapier or Make in combination with Glide to automate all sorts of tasks. They can organize your Airtable database and connect it to your mobile application so you can manage that data more easily.

They can also help you create integrations with any other software using Glide’s advanced APIs. Integrations will help unify your data and tools through one connected interface, so your team isn’t constantly switching between software. If your industry uses especially obscure or proprietary software, it will take finesse and skill to integrate that data—Experts have that experience.

Find the right agency or developer to fit your business

Hassan Qureshi’s We Don’t Code Agency has done some incredible work with Adam’s iDispatchHub, but he’s just one out of a huge community of skilled developers out there. LowCode Agency has a full team of developers who build robust tools for large companies like Coca-Cola and Amex. V88 Agency’s two co-founders have helped startups with developing MVPs and prototypes, building inventive systems for local government organizations, and creating public web apps for e-commerce. 

There are freelancers like Megann Lock who specialize in providing personalized 1:1 help for any kind of business or organization. She’s built solutions for churches, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and all sorts of unique businesses. Business advisors like Bob Petito specialize in advising more technically advanced users on how to refine their existing no code apps. 

“To architect your software, to think about the map, to think about how your data fits together, you hire a Bob or a Marco or one of those amazing people. I can tell you about my business. I need them to help me think through how they would execute on this. And either you can hire them to execute, or they can just tell you here's how I would do it. He helped me stitch in all of these pieces together, and in the end, the app is a true ERP system, just for us.” - Bill Schonbrun, COO and Co-Founder of CarboNet

Bill Schonbrun of CarboNet is a great case study. He’d built a no code system to manage his field team and customer experience, teaching himself no code development with the help of Glide’s templates and tutorials. Once he realized how powerful this system could be for his business, he reached out to Bob, who was able to build on his existing work and create a truly refined enterprise management system.

How to hire a Glide Expert

When you’re ready to start your next no code project, you can look for the best no code developers using Glide’s Experts Directory and Service Marketplace.

If you simply want to search for a freelancer or agency to hire, head to the Experts Directory, where you can browse freely. If you’d prefer to get assistance finding a good fit, you can use the service marketplace to help match you with the perfect no code developer for your project. Pricing is listed under each task so you can get an idea of budget.

If you need to build an app from scratch, you can choose to hire an Expert hourly to help you begin or bring someone on board to build your project end-to-end. 

If you’ve already got a Glide app, you can hire an Expert to consult for advice, help with your app design or database organization, add advanced features and functionality like automation or notifications to your app, or build integrations between your app with the other business software you use. 

If you’re a large company with highly specialized needs, you can contact sales directly to get help finding the best agency for your project.

Whatever your work or your needs look like, you can benefit from partnering with a no code agency to build better solutions for your business. Begin the conversation today, and you could be using your new software within the month. It’s time to get started.

Wren Noble

Wren Noble

Leading Glide’s content, including The Column and Video Content, Wren’s expertise lies in no code technology, business tools, and software marketing. She is a writer, artist, and documentary photographer based in NYC.

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