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Robert Petitto

Robert Petitto

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Atlanta, Georgia USA


Robert is one of the most top trusted and go-to developers in the Glide community. As a leading contributor/creative on the Glide Community Forum and on YouTube, Robert has a proven track record of assisting entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profits develop apps from concept to distribution. He has developed 150+ Glide apps and templates for 80+ clients including the PGA, Major Care, NSR, HP, Caterpillar and Glide. Robert specializes in gamification, Integromat/Zapier automation and outside-the-box thinking to create robust, beautiful and innovative solutions. Book a kickoff call with Robert above or schedule a 30/60 minute consultation call:

Skills & Expertise

Admin Portals,Automation,Communities,Design (UX/UI),Education,Gamification,Internal Tools,Prototypes / MVPs,Relations,Small Business


Certified Experts have a proven track record of delivering professional app projects on time. All kickoff calls are 15 minutes long and a $20 deposit is required.

Templates by Robert
Community Rewards

An engagement and rewards platform for communities and companies. Community members complete challenges and redeem points for rewards. Community members can also publicly recognize each other.

House Points

A conceptual app that allows an admin to award points to a team and display a leaderboard.

Field Sales

Manage sales, schedule, catalogue, inventory & reports in one simple to use app.

Meet with Me

A personalized booking app that prevents conflicts.

Our Neighborhood

Perfect for neighborhoods, villages, or apartment buildings, this app will allow neighbors to engage with one another. This template features functionality for Home Owner Associations to upload documents, share events, post photos and contact neighbors.

Easy Landing & FAQ

An easy-to-use and highly customizable 3-page site that includes a landing page with a Big Hero CTA, Interactive FAQ page and a Contact Form page.

My Card

A digital business card for you to share with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Our Forum

An app template for your FAQ, Forum or Discussion Board.  Complete with posting, replying, bookmarking, clapping and leveling up!


Buy and sell products, contact the sellers and save items for later.

Bank It

A family app to reward your children for a job well done all the while teaching them to save, set goals, work hard and contribute towards shared rewards.

Our Team

An app for showcasing, managing, scheduling and communicating with the members of your sports team. Includes the ability to manage multiple seasons.


A conceptual app that allows a community of users to chat, complete challenges and level up.  App has badging system, inventory, item store, in-app currency, XP, and ranking modules.

Item Checkout

Create a check out / check in platform for your organization. Easily add, edit and track items in your inventory. See which items are checked out and by whom.

Private Messenger

A conceptual app that allows community members to chat one on one with each other.

Coaching & Courses

Create your own education platform. Share courses, add assignments, publish resources, and manage students.

Our School

All-in-one app for students, teachers, administrators and parents complete with customized schedules, student lookup, teacher directory, access to email/Zoom communication, class rosters and parental contact information.


Exam is a customizable assessment app that allows you to evaluate your users using multiple choice questions.

Room Reservations

An internal room reservation platform. Reserve a room and invite others to join you. See which rooms are available and which ones are currently occupied. See room analytics such as "most often reserved by" and "average time of day used".

Our Accounts

An app for you and your significant other to share information related to your online accounts.  Links, usernames, hidden passwords, account categories and a space for chat.

Asset Manager

Stay on top of the equipment being used in your company with a flexible Asset Management App.

Group Chat

Create private one-on-one and/or group chats! Invite new or existing members, add users to existing chats, and opt to leave existing chats. Now includes chat row owners and anonymized emails for added privacy and security!


A clean and beautiful upvoting platform. Allow users to add new items, upvote their favorite items and view items by category or user.

Daily Quiz

Create a 3-question daily quiz for your audience! Includes daily and all-time leaderboards. Admins can create quizzes from within the app!

Time Sheet

Allow employees to clock in and clock out in multiple shifts per day. Employees and admins can track daily and weekly time sheets.

Social Profile and Group Chat

A fresh take on a group chat app. Create your profile, explore other members, and initiate a group chat!

Sports Club

Build a custom site with all the information about your sport club.

Apps by Robert

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