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NewsPublished February 21, 2022

How To Make $30,000 From No-Code App Development

Check out Glide’s new Partner Program and learn how you could earn $30k a year on no-code app development.

How To Make $30,000 From No-Code App Development

Most business owners have about a hundred great ideas a day. The problem is, they don’t always have the time or resources to act on the really good ones.

It’s why freelance web designers, graphic designers, copywriters, and the like exist. These experts save small and medium-sized business owners time and money by providing an important service they don’t have time to learn and do themselves.

And as the saying goes: one of the best ways to earn a living is to identify a problem and offer a solution.

While the freelance professionals mentioned above have helped small businesses advance their creative side, a new technology — no-code apps — presents an opportunity for business owners to scale on the digital side.

With made-to-order, no-code software solutions like Glide, small to medium-sized businesses can reap the benefits of custom mobile and web apps without the high price tag.

But while no-code apps make it financially feasible for these smaller businesses, they often still lack the time and resources to learn how to use the technology and keep it up to date. In other words, they still need experts to help them.

This is where you come in. When you partner with Glide to help small and medium-sized businesses build no-code applications — you could potentially earn $30,000 or more!

Keep reading to learn how.

How to Start Earning With Glide’s No-Code App Development Software

If you’re interested in building apps, and earning money doing it, here’s how to get involved with Glide’s Partner Program as your first step in securing a new side hustle or full-time gig.

1. Learn How To Use Glide

The best part about no-code app development in Glide is that you don’t need to have any software development skills or experience as a programmer. But even if you aren’t new to no-code app development, as an expert in Glide’s Partner Program, you will need to familiarize yourself with all of Glide’s features and learn how it works.

It’s as easy as signing up for a free account to get started building an app or page.

Use a powerful Glide template or just dive right into the intuitive drag-and-drop builder to start creating features, updating robust settings, customizing branding, and experimenting with third-party integrations.

Need to add data to your app? Use Glide’s robust data editor or pull it in by integrating with an existing spreadsheet. Changes made to this sheet will appear in Glide in real-time, and vice versa, making a Glide app a trustworthy source of truth no matter how much data your clients need to handle.

2. Build Your Portfolio

To become a member of Glide’s Partner Program, you’ll need to have built a few Glide apps that the Glide team can review. So as you’re getting to know Glide, start building out a few apps that you think would be useful in your daily life or for anyone you know. Useful apps will make for great work samples when you submit your application.

3. Apply to Join Glide’s Partner Program

To start building no-code Glide apps for clients, it all starts when you create a profile and apply to become a certified Glide Expert.

The application process will guide you through everything you need to do to become certified and create your live account on Glide’s Experts page.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to meet all of these points in order to become a Glide Expert:

  • Be experienced with Glide

  • Have at least three public example apps to display on your profile

  • Have worked with at least three clients who can provide a recommendation

  • Show experience with a range of other tools (e.g., Zapier, Google Sheets, etc.)

  • Strong communication skills

  • Speak English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese

  • Have an online booking system for meetings

Once you pass the certification phase, you can build your profile and start booking clients immediately. Qualified Glide Experts book clients at rates starting from $0.50/minute all the way up to $2.50/minute.

As you can see, the more experience you gain, and the faster you get at building no-code apps, the more earning potential you have. And most client engagements don’t end once you’re done with an app. If you’ve established a strong relationship with a client, there is often ongoing work with updates and expansions, thus furthering your earnings.

Getting paid is really easy, too! Glide uses a third-party app called PartnerStack to make payments using your unique ID and your clients’ unique IDs, which is why it’s important you get your clients signed up through your link.

As another potential revenue stream, Glide offers a generous revenue-sharing program. With this program, app developers get a payout based on what their clients pay Glide — which differs based on what type of subscription they choose. Check out the Revenue Sharing section of our Experts Overview page to get the deets.

If you work with or are building your own digital agency, your agency can also apply to become a Glide Partner! And if you’re just a happy Glide user who wants to get rewarded for referrals, you can join Glide’s affiliate program instead.

Why Use Glide as the No-Code App Solution For Your Clients?

There are many no-code development platforms available on the market. But none of them compare to the ease of using Glide to transform a Google Sheet or a template into a polished, modern-looking app — right down to the custom icon on the home screen.

Here are the key business benefits you can use to help sell your clients on Glide.

Modernize and Streamline Client Workflows

Glide offers a super sleek user experience that even the most tech-challenged employee can navigate. And the best part is, they can access Glide apps on any device, including Android, iPad, and desktop.

As more companies turn to low-code platforms to help streamline operations, you can be their go-to solutions expert. The business needs for no-code app development are endless.

With zero coding skills you can:

  • Build employee directories

  • Create a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for tracking leads

  • Build an inventory management dashboard

  • Design store apps for ecommerce brands

  • Create tailored task managers to help businesses track projects and deadlines

  • Help local restaurants stay in business by making it easy to take online orders, and more

And once you’ve helped a client build their first app and they get a taste of how it helps scale their business and improve productivity, they’ll be coming back for more. And as their trusted app builder, you can recommend more ways to integrate Glide apps into their workflow. You’ll find it simple to turn one project into many with the same client.

Turn Client Spreadsheets Into a Robust App With Just a Few Clicks

So many small and mid-sized businesses are still using static spreadsheets that are inefficient and downright inaccurate thanks to the number of times they’ve been shared and saved.

With Glide, you can help them turn these chaotic spreadsheets into a functional, no-code app that updates in real-time so they never have to guess if their data is accurate and up to date.

And it doesn’t take a bunch of hard, custom coding on your end. Of course you can start building a custom app in Glide from a blank template, but most often, you’ll build an app based on data that already lives in a Google Sheet. It really is as easy as syncing a spreadsheet and choosing from pre-existing visual components to display your data and make it interactive.

What’s awesome about Glide is it uses a real-time visual editor. So there’s no flipping back and forth to see what you’re building. Easily customize each spreadsheet-turned-app for your clients with their own branded colors and fonts. And if you get stuck with the creative, Glide has an entire library of templates for you to draw from.

Who Will Benefit The Most From Code-Free App Integrations?

Smaller, more flexible businesses are often best suited for adopting new technology that streamlines processes — they just don’t usually have the resources to make it happen. When you’re able to promise these resources for an affordable price, smaller business owners are more likely to say “yes” to you and to Glide than enterprise organizations that are locked into expensive technology contracts and layers of bureaucracy.

From startups to established businesses, you can build apps for your clients that do everything. Automating spreadsheet workflows, managing internal projects and accounting, building chatbots, managing ecommerce inventory, tracking sales, and about a thousand things more — with some creativity, the options you have to offer to smaller businesses are endless.

Start Building No-Code Web Apps with Glide Today

You have all the skills you need to help small businesses improve their workflows with a digital transformation from outdated spreadsheets to modern, custom apps.

Whether you’re a seasoned app builder or a non-professional “citizen developer,” this is an opportunity for you to fill a gap in the freelance and consulting market with the help of Glide.

Get started today on your new full-time career or side hustle in no-code app development. Apply to become a certified Glide Expert and start making your way toward $30K today!

Build your own no-code app with Glide.

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