Introducing Pro apps.

More data, more customization, more power.

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Pro App Features

More Data

Display up to 25,000 items in your app, and allow users to upload 10GB of files & images.

Your Brand & Domain

Replace 'made with Glide' with your own brand and connect your domain for a professional look.

In-app Purchases

Users can make in-app purchases with lower transaction fees. Powered by Stripe.

Background Refresh

Pro apps refresh in the background so formulas like NOW() and IMPORTRANGE() update regularly.

Email Access Control

Restrict access to your app based on a list of emails.

Maps Galore

Display up to 1,000 address-based pins per map so users always know where to go.

GSuite Shared Drives

Use sheets stored in Shared Drives so your organization has access to your app's data.

Free app
Sheet Data
500 rows
25,000 rows
'made with Glide'
Your brand
Domain Name
Your domain
Google Analytics
GSuite Shared Drives
Email Access Control
Background Refresh
10 pins
1,000 pins
File Storage
In-app Payments *
10% fee
2% fee
Security & Privacy
Public or Password
Public, Password, or Email Whitelist
Chat & Comments
Share app instantly with a link
Custom app icon
Add, edit, and delete data in app
* Glide transaction fee in addition to Stripe's


paid annually
or $29/mo paid monthly
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