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An app for technicians that saves $100K a year

TechnipFMC was wasting a lot of time and money posting out manuals and spec sheets with every product. They decided to build an app using Glide to give users access to up-to-date info on their catalog. In the past year, they've made at least $100K in savings with over 500+ users using the app.


saved in printing costs & productivity hours in the past year


Over 500 team members use the app every month

An app for technicians that saves $100K a year
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TechnipFMC is a global oil and gas service company that provides complete project life cycle services for the energy industry. They needed a better way for customers and internal employees to easily access information and resources (such as manuals, videos, and more) from their huge library of products.

Before Glide, they were wasting a lot of time and money printing and posting manuals and brochures (often $10,000 for a single new product). But their products change often, and many times, the manuals were out of date when they arrived.


They decided to build an app using Glide. In fact, they ended up creating a few apps with Glide. They build a Measurements app, which is a sales app that acts as a virtual brochure for their sales team and customers to access product information and user guides.

And they also created a Production Solutions app, similar to the Measurements app, but features a different group of products and is also used by their customers. Customers can access user manuals for products by simply scanning a QR code and get technical information at a glance.

We were able to get buy-in from our org in record time because the way Glide works is so simple. We have between 500-800 users of the apps, internal and external. And the numbers keep growing!”
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As a result, these apps replaced printing paper and have saved a huge amount of time and resources for their company.

“The impact is the fact that nobody is printing manuals anymore… not having the sort manuals and putting them in the box. That in itself is a huge cost savings. In the past year, at least $100K in savings. And even just the time saved not answering customer questions.”

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