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“With Glide, we’re talking about six weeks of development time from an MVP to a production-ready custom solution. Before, even with low-code tools, these projects would’ve taken months of development to build an interface ”

As President of Centerline Business Services, Trey Heath is no newcomer to software development platforms and tools. His company provides technology consulting and back-office support for family offices and investment companies across the United States. With a growing team of 80 employees, Centerline is laser-focused on improving business processes and workflows to help clients make better sense of their data. 

"For us, where Glide really shines is the ability to connect with multiple data sources. We’re building apps that use Airtable, integrate with MySQL, and build professional interfaces on top of all our data that anyone in our team can use."

With over 50 Glide apps in production, his team has built CRMs, hiring tools, and training tools to streamline critical internal processes. With internal apps and external client-facing solutions, Centerline always looks for better ways to unlock efficiency and growth. When Glide unveiled its new AI capabilities, Trey and his team began to explore how they could bring AI to their existing workflows and projects. Centerline recently developed an investor portal product and powered up its operations with the new AI capabilities in Glide.  

“Financial reporting to partner banks and investors is very convoluted and difficult. There’s a lot of manual work aggregating data, building dashboards, and sharing monthly insights.”

Creating a portal that visualizes financial data and becomes a single source of truth for different data sources is challenging. Using MySQL and Glide Big Tables, Centerline was able to integrate into their data warehouse and provide investors with specific information related to their investments and provide accurate, real-time data. With this data, Centerline uses Glide AI to automatically generate month-over-month performance summaries that distill various financial indicators into easy-to-read paragraphs. These concise summaries are automatically created for hundreds of operating companies, saving significant time and resources.

“Before Glide AI, a financial analyst would write three paragraphs for every investment update. Then, we would need to manually email hundreds of investors a PDF of that month’s financial performance. Glide has automated this entire process for us. It’s amazing.”

Looking ahead, Centerline is looking to utilize more Glide AI features to improve workflows and further develop more powerful solutions for their clients and their internal operations.  

“We’re extremely impressed with how Glide balances technical features with an interface that’s easy for non-technical users. We can go from doing higher-level coding and data transformation to having our marketing and HR teams use our apps and save a ton of time.”

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