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Softr vs. Glide vs. Other No-Code Tools

Softr vs. Glide vs. others, what’s the best no-code app builder in 2022? Read this article to find out which one’s the best choice for you!

Softr vs. Glide vs. Other No-Code Tools

It’s 2022. We don’t need to know code to build great software. Thanks to no-code platforms, non-developers can build a variety of applications ranging from static websites to mobile apps without any programming or design experience. is a no-code platform enabling people from non-development backgrounds to build their own apps. It works by importing your existing databases and turning them into interactive applications for the web. You can have professionally built apps ready for launch within minutes!

But there’s a catch. Softr only works for you if you know and use Airtable, the low-code tool that lets you build hybrid databases that look like spreadsheets. But if your data is sitting inside Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, or if you’re looking to build a fresh database from scratch with Softr, you’re out of luck!

Moreover, Softr is a spreadsheet-to-app platform that lets you build web apps. However, It’s not the best choice for building mobile-first applications, such as those for Android or iOS.

Softr is a good platform that works well for many startup or small business owners in a pinch, but advanced no-code users call for more features and greater flexibility to build their development workflows.

That’s why we’re pitting the best no-code apps against each other in a Softr vs others showdown. Learn more about the pros and cons of each platform and see which one’s the best fit for you. In this article, we’ll compare the following tools with Softr:

  • Glide: The best no-code app builder for workplaces

  • Webflow: For building websites and web apps without code

  • Adalo: The mobile-first no-code app building platform

  • Noloco: The ultimate app development tool for agencies

  • And a few more.

Let’s get started!

Glide: The Best No-Code App Builder for the Workplace

Glide is a no-code app builder that helps you convert your spreadsheets and databases into powerful apps for work. It works by pulling data from sources like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Airtable, or Glide Tables and helping you to turn it into an app.

With Glide, your creations aren’t just limited to apps for the web. You can also create mobile-first applications for Android and iOS devices. Each app you create will default to showing screens for each table in your data source, but you can customize each screen however you like.

The best thing about Glide is its expansive community of experts who regularly contribute to its collection of assets and resources. There are hundreds of app templates to help you get started, not to mention a huge selection of pre-built components to design your app however you please. You can also integrate your Glide app with third-party services like Zapier.

Glide is free for personal use without any timed restrictions to your usage. If you need more usage or want access to advanced features such as the Glide API, you can get a paid subscription for just $25/month. Want to build a workplace app or MVP? Sign up for a free account and start building!

Webflow: Design and Build Websites Without Code

Webflow is the Photoshop of no-code website builders. Like Softr, it works only for websites, landing pages, and web apps. However, Webflow has its own data management solution and doesn’t use Airtable as a data source. Nevertheless, you can connect Webflow to your Airtable account using a third-party integration tool like Zapier.

Webflow is very much an advanced tool, with plenty of functionalities both above and under the hood to choose from. In fact, it even features its own content management system for dynamic websites like blogs and online magazines.

But, Webflow is quite tricky for beginners to get the hang of and has a steep learning curve. And while it is a no-code solution, Webflow isn’t drag-and-drop. It still requires you to know basic web development principles like the box model.

Adalo: For Building No-Code Apps for Mobile

Softr works only for building web applications. If it’s mobile support you’re missing, Adalo is a good alternative for developing mobile-first applications. It even has its own database software, so it doesn’t have to rely on Airtable integrations.

It’s completely mobile-focused and works with both Android and iOS devices. You can build a variety of apps from online marketplaces to instant messengers to project trackers and even publish them on the respective app stores.

Adalo is a no-code solution for building apps quickly and easily, which is why it doesn’t have a heavy focus on customization. You can choose from components like lists, forms, and navigation, but nothing too advanced. Paid pricing offers more options starting from $50/month.

Noloco: The Best App Building Tool for Agencies

Noloco is a no-code app builder that lets you develop client portals, partner apps, and internal tools across all screen sizes using existing business data. The platform pulls data from your Airtable base or Google Sheet and automatically turns it into an app. Then, it’s up to you to customize it with the built-in drag-and-drop editor.

Where the platform really shines, though, is how granularly it lets you control app permissions and access sharing. It’s perfect for agencies and freelancers working with multiple clients, whether they want to build their own customer portal or to build apps for their clients.

Noloco also connects with both Zapier and Integromat to offer a host of third-party plugins and integrations. You can automate your workflows using the classic trigger-action formula by letting your apps speak to each other through APIs. It’s expensive, however, starting at $99/month.

Other No-Code App Builders to Consider

The no-code revolution is at its peak in 2022. There’s no shortage of tools that help non-developers build applications for a host of different platforms, often with specific use-cases in mind. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

  • Backendless: Backendless is a no-code app builder designed to serve both freelancers and agencies. It bills itself as a UI builder, focusing strongly on the design and visual aspects of app-building.

  • Bildr: Bildr is an all-in-one platform for app development that’s both no-code and low-code. It’s especially useful for developing SaaS products, though it can be used to create any kind of app.

  • Bravo Studio: Bravo Studio is one in a select list of design-first app builders that focuses on visual building. It’s built from the ground up for mobile app development, helping creators build their project step-by-step from prototype to final software.

  • ShareTribe: ShareTribe’s a bit different. It’s built specifically for online marketplaces and ecommerce apps, letting you build platforms like eBay and Airbnb in a matter of minutes. It’s currently used by over 1,000 companies, including a few Fortune 500s.

Why Glide Is the Best Softr Alternative

There are plenty of options to go around, but what makes Glide a truly unique alternative to Softr is the effortless, data-driven design and powerful data editor.

With a huge collection of pre-designed templates to choose from, each contributed by a community of expert developers, Glide is perfect for building internal apps for the workplace. Instead of relying on your IT department for everything, Glide lets you build your own apps whether you’re in sales or marketing or operations.

Glide works with multiple data sources to build apps for both web and mobile.

It’s also very easy to use and has its own spreadsheet management system for building databases from scratch. Want to see how easy it is to build an app with Glide?

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