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Certification Level 3: Prove Advanced Skill with Glide

Advance your comprehension of big data, scale, workflows, customization, and connections between software

Cait Levin

Cait Levin

Education Lead

Certification Level 3: Prove Advanced Skill with Glide

Glide Certification Level 3 is now live. This advanced course gives you a chance to truly challenge yourself and prove a deeper level of fluency with the principles of software development. 

Level 1 introduced the essential building blocks of creating software with Glide. Level 2 explored building greater app functionality and the logic of computer systems and data relationships. Level 3 lets you demonstrate your comprehension of the language of software and the ability to put all your tools together to create tailor-fit solutions to whatever real-world problems you encounter.

Most importantly, Level 3’s lessons were informed by the conversations and techniques being shared by the people in the Glide Community. We were inspired by the sophisticated tools being built by app developers who are exceptionally skilled at building with Glide. It’s a love letter to everyone who has dedicated their time to developing Glide — and if you’ve spent time in the Community, you may find some easter eggs hidden in Level 3’s lessons.

We expect Level 3 to be a challenge. It won’t be easy to pass on the first try. Dive into the course materials, Community, and our comprehensive guides to SQL, JSON, and APIs, and try again. We invite you to tackle this level, whether you are building entrepreneurial apps, developing a skill set that can advance your career, or demonstrating your expertise as a Glide Certified Expert.

How Glide Certification works

If you’re ready to take Level 3, you already know the drill. If you haven’t, visit the Certification tab in Glide University and pass Level 1 and Level 2 first. If you’re building apps for others and aren’t already a Certified Expert, we strongly invite you to use your Certification to qualify for the Experts program and the benefits it conveys.

When you’re done getting certified, share your new badge on LinkedIn, the Glide Community, or your own website to show off your qualifications.

What’s in Level 3

The most advanced level of certification covers some of the deeper principles underlying software development. These topics will help you work with large quantities of data, scale your solutions, and tailor them more precisely to your needs. They will also allow you to connect your software to whatever workflows and software you need to create a comprehensive tool for any use.

Big Data

Learn how to use high-volume native Glide data sources that scale up to 10 million rows. Use BigQuery and relational databases like SQL to extend the power of your data. Import existing data from a spreadsheet, like Google Sheets, or connect with data hosted elsewhere and keep both databases in sync.

Customize and Connect

Test your ability to customize your own integrations with features like Call API. Create your own custom integrations and connect your entire tech stack seamlessly through a Glide app.


Understand how to combine the features of Glide into tried and true mainstays of software development, like creating helper tables on the back end of your app to streamline development or creating reusable custom action sequences to trigger complicated, multi-step action sequences when users tap a single button. This section teaches you to think holistically about how your app, your data, and your users work together.

Building for Scale

Think about how to scale your apps as your business grows. Learn how to add more differentiation between user experiences, increase security compliance, or manipulate access and controls for different stakeholders.

What’s next?

While Level 3 is what will credit you as fully Glide Certified, it doesn’t mean we’re finished building courses. These three levels cover the breadth of expertise you need to build a robust Glide app — future certifications will help you dive deeper into specific skill sets. 

Stay tuned for special topics and updated certifications, invaluable skills, and new capabilities as the Glide platform evolves. If you have topics you’d love to see certification courses on, we’d love to hear from you in the Community.

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