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The Glide Experts Program: Create Custom Internal Software as a Service for your Clients

Agencies and freelancers can boost their business by becoming Glide Certified Experts

Brett Haralson

Brett Haralson

Glide Experts

The Glide Experts Program: Create Custom Internal Software as a Service for your Clients

Custom internal software is the future. Specifically, the custom internal software you build fits the business processes of your clients perfectly. Businesses need people to help them turn their processes into a workflow with software that matches. Businesses need experts.

If you’re an agency or a freelancer, your primary focus is helping your clients grow. You create solutions and solve problems for them. You might be building software from scratch, creating websites, custom coding tools, or even already using a no code platform to build custom apps and software solutions.

You should add Glide to your tool stack if you haven't already. By becoming a Glide Expert, you can solve real problems for businesses and get paid real money for it without having to code any software yourself. You can find new customers, identify more needs in your existing customers, and offer a more robust service all around.

The Glide Experts program gives you financial, technical, and community resources to help you better serve your clients. It’s designed for anyone who uses Glide for clients — whether you’re focused on Glide as your primary tool or adding it to a diverse range of services.

Tiers of the Glide Experts Program

To become an Expert, you need to have a Glide account and join the program. There are two tiers:

Glide Community Experts

Anybody can join the Experts program as a Community Expert. Once in the program, you can automatically share in the revenue of clients you refer to Glide.

Community Experts get one year of 20% revenue sharing, access to the Glide Community forum and Experts Hub, as well as other exclusive resources like access to product betas.

Glide Certified Experts

As you grow your business and become more successful with Glide, you can access more benefits by becoming a Glide Certified Expert.

To gain Certified Expert status, you need to have 3 or more paid client teams and have proven your expertise in Glide by passing Glide Certification Level 1 in Glide University. Higher levels of certification may be required as the Certification program develops.

Certified experts get access to everything Community Experts get, plus two years of 20% revenue sharing, a Glide Certified Expert Badge, membership in the exclusive Glide Slack, and additional marketing opportunities like eligibility for an Experts Directory profile to gain visibility with prospective clients.

Resources of the Glide Experts Program 

Glide Experts are agencies or freelancers who have an existing client base and want to grow it with Glide. Joining gives you bragging rights but also gives you an extra source of revenue, access to valuable benefits, and membership in an active community. Enjoy on-demand training, live webinars,  dedicated expert events and access to marketing opportunities like the Experts Spotlight as a perk of your participation.

Agency Plan

Glide Certified Experts get access to the Agency plan, a specialized plan intended to unlock the full power of Glide for freelancers and agencies so you can more effectively showcase custom creations to potential clients and grow your business.

The Agency plan gives you all the features available on Glide for $99/month, billed annually. You can create new teams with an extended 30-day free trial period — and without requiring a form of payment. All of these teams are eligible for revenue sharing once you close a deal. The Agency plan also gives you access to priority support from the Glide team.

When you have the Agency Plan, the best way to work with your clients in Glide is to:

  1. Create a new 30 day free trial team for your client

  2. Build your client's app inside the new team

  3. Select the appropriate plan and enter billing details before 30 days expire

  4. Receive revenue sharing from the team when they upgrade

Experts Hub

The Experts Hub is an exclusive new place for you to have your finger on all things Glide. Track your earnings, manage payouts, dive into your clients' info in detail, and get all the latest news, resources, and client information.

Experts Community

A Slack community just for Certified Experts to connect with each other and the Glide team.

Experts Directory

Expand you or your agency’s presence online by creating a profile in our Directory so you can be searched by potential clients looking for your services.

Access to product betas

As a Glide Expert, you’ll get early access to new Glide features. We’ve been building the power of Glide and shipping new features at a quick pace. You’ll be the first to know what’s coming down the pipeline, and you can use that knowledge to add more advanced capabilities to your apps and create more advanced solutions for your clients. 

What you can do with Glide Expert status

Using Glide, with the support of the distinct perks attached to the Glide Experts program, you can serve your clients and boost your own business in many ways.

Offer more to your customers

Glide expands what you can do for your clients. If you’re already building websites, e-commerce stores, or other assets for a client, you can add value to your services by building business software that links to them. 

Glide perfectly compliments your existing tool stack, pairing it with platforms like Webflow, Zapier, or Airtable. Glide is significantly better than those programs at building effective internal tools that are more user-friendly and customizable than what comes bundled with a tool like Shopify. 

Build a customer portal, an inventory management app, or a CRM that links with your customer’s data and the web services you’ve built for them. You’ll make yourself invaluable and be able to increase your profitability without having to take on more customers.

Build your ROI efficiently

With Glide, you can scale your services efficiently with reproducible app structures. Once you’ve built a particular type of tool for one client, it’s easy for you to copy that basic structure, brand it for them, and customize it with their business data. You can reproduce your own work extremely effectively, building your income without adding extra work to your plate. 

One of the biggest challenges of working in a service-based role is the difficulty of scaling income that depends directly on your labor. By building Glide apps, you’ll become a full business solution shop that can transform how you run your business.

Work more efficiently and build more powerful tools

No code software development with Glide is fast. It’s significantly faster than custom coding software from scratch. Even if you are an experienced developer, adding Glide to your tool stack will help you move more quickly and create more powerful software for your clients.

Features like Glide AI, SQL, and the Glide API enable you to build powerful workflows and easily manage large quantities of data. You can use them to create impressive, business-critical apps for your customers. You don’t have to build these components from scratch when you work with Glide, you just have to add them to your app and ship it. 

Get ahead of the curve — build business software

Guide Custom solutions fit the business’s processes, not the other way around. Businesses buy out-of-the-box software, and then they are bound to the rules of that software. In Glide, you can design whatever workflow you want and create features that meet the exact specifications of your customer’s business — no more and no less.

As a Glide Expert, you can be a part of something that can transform the way businesses work. You can position yourself as a comprehensive solution for your customers and make a profound impact on their work. As businesses see what is possible, more and more of them will need someone who can create custom solutions for their business software.

The demand is growing, and we need more people who can build software. You should be one of them.

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Brett Haralson

Brett Haralson

Glide’s Miami-based Head of Experts, Brett has 20 years of experience in community and partner-led growth initiatives. His goal at Glide is to create the best experience for Experts while helping businesses get the resources they need to succeed in creating custom solutions. Cocktail connoisseur, amateur chef, and Certified Geek.

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