NewsPublished December 13, 2023

Introducing Glide Certification Level 2

Level up your app-building skills with more advanced workflows, data computation, and user interaction

Cait Levin

Cait Levin

Education Lead

Introducing Glide Certification Level 2

Glide Certification Level 2 is now here to help you prove an even higher level of software-building sophistication. 

The launch of Glide Certification Level 1 in September was a big success. The intention of Level 1 was to ensure people had basic proficiency in building apps with Glide, but that content was just scratching the surface. 

Level 2 dives deeper into software development fundamentals. It’s less about using Glide and more about proving a fundamental understanding of the logic of computer systems and data relationships. It covers how to build more advanced app functionality like Charts and Forms, User-Specific Data, and Querying.

How Level 2 Certification works

  1. Go to the Certification tab in Glide University

  2. Log in to your Glide University account or create a new one

  3. Complete the course material and take the test. All course material is optional. If you’re already confident in your knowledge, feel free to skip straight to the exam. There is no limit to the number of times you can attempt the exam, but if you’re finding it challenging, we recommend spending some time with the course chapters.

  4. When you pass your test, you'll get your Badge and Certificate. They can both be downloaded and added to your LinkedIn profile, or wherever else you feel like showing it off.

Who should get Level 2 Certified

Certification Level 2 is for anyone wanting to up their game building in Glide. It gives you bragging rights and concrete proof of your skills. If you’re already confident in your abilities within Glide, it will give you a badge for your LinkedIn profile to prove your skills and help you advance your career.

If you’re still learning, Certification Level 2 is a great opportunity to challenge yourself. It incorporates important lessons from Glide University that you can use to hone your skills before attempting the test.

For anyone building Glide apps for others or as a career, you can use Certification to become a Glide Certified Expert. Currently, only Level 1 is needed to become a Certified Expert, but over time, higher levels of certification will be required. Certified Expert status gives you exclusive access to valuable resources, a thriving community, and revenue-sharing profit every time you onboard a new Glide customer.

What’s in Level 2

Glide Certification Level 2 covers essential topics for building software: data fundamentals, letting users interact with and manipulate data, computation, and designing intentional user experiences. 

To build apps that really make a difference to the work your team does, you need functionality that enables users to interact with your data by adding, editing, and even contributing by leaving feedback and having conversations in the app. This is what you’ll learn to do in Level 2.

Data Fundamentals

This chapter lays the groundwork for creating robust, data-driven apps with Glide. It will cover Glide Tables, Basic Columns (including types of text, numbers, URL, and Boolean), Data Values, and Charts.

User Interaction

This chapter delves into creating engaging forms and components in Glide, collecting data from users, facilitating communications, and enriching the app experience with media and input tools tailored to end-user interactions. Here, you’ll cover Data to Layout, Components, Users, Forms, and Adding Images.


This chapter dives into advanced data manipulation in Glide, teaching how to dynamically handle and transform data through Values, optimize data retrieval with Query Columns, and streamline decision-making with If-Then-Else logic. 

It explores creating concatenated strings with Joined Lists, extracting data with Lookups, and differentiates between querying data and establishing relations for efficient app design.

You’ll explore the Data Editor, Data to Layout, Computed Columns, Conditions, Filtering, and Visibility.

User Experience

Designing intentional user experiences is a pivotal part of building any app. This chapter will cover different features you can use in Glide to create a seamless and rich user experience. 

What’s next?

We plan to develop more courses for certification in the future. Level 3 will cover the advanced concepts (like SQL) that will help you build sophisticated business-level apps and workflows with Glide, including those that can help you build truly powerful apps at scale. You can also expect to see some exciting special topics and deep dives into different features as Certification courses. 

We’re incredibly happy to see how engaged Glide builders are in Certification and we welcome your ideas for what you want to see next! Come on over to the Glide Community to discuss and share your thoughts.

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