NewsPublished October 20, 2023

Introducing Glide Certification Level 1

Learn about our Glide Certification program, and what we’re planning next

Cait Levin

Cait Levin

Education Lead

Introducing Glide Certification Level 1

We are excited to introduce Level 1 of our Glide Certification program. Certification is a way for Glide users of all types to demonstrate their understanding of Glide’s interface and the fundamental principles of building functional, beautiful, and secure software with no code. You can use it to show your skillset off to colleagues, employers, and potential clients.

As implied by the name, the Level 1 Certification is just the first step in creating a more comprehensive certification program for Glide users. It’s also part of a larger educational program, Glide University, where you can take courses ranging from entry-level app creation to building more advanced features in your Glide apps.

What’s in Level 1

Level 1 consists of lessons in four categories: Glide User Interface, Data & Layout, Automation, and Security and Users. At the end of the course, you take a test. If you can demonstrate a thorough understanding of the essentials of Glide, you get awarded a Level 1 Glide Certification, which you can proudly display on Linkedin or your website. 

Fundamentally, the Level 1 Certification is about the best practices for app building in Glide. The included knowledge forms the basic building blocks of creating a functional app with Glide. Our hope is to empower users to feel the confidence that they can build the solutions they need without hiring custom development or settling for an out-of-the-box solution that isn’t really the right fit. 

At Level 1, we wanted to make sure that the content of the course felt relevant and useful for the largest audience possible. It’s suitable for all Glide users, not just Experts, agencies, or those working in any particular industry. (We will have more advanced courses coming later!)

“The self-paced learning format allowed me to study and deepen my understanding at my own rhythm. This certification not only broadened my expertise but also bolstered my confidence in building Glide apps.”

Dirk Ritters - CEO, Mediacoders Kiel GmbH

How to get Glide Certified

  1. Go to the Certification tab in Glide University

  2. Create a Glide University account (or log in)

  3. Complete the course material and take the test

  4. When you pass your test, you'll get your Badge and Certificate

We decided to make the certification free and open to all because we believe that the best apps are built by people close to the pain point. We want to make sure we’re supporting those burgeoning developers as they learn more about building software solutions.

The course is totally asynchronous and there’s no timer or mandatory engagement requirement on the lesson content. Feel confident you already know all the content? Go right to the exam. Didn’t pass? You can retake it. We want the program to be as flexible as possible so it can reach the people who can benefit from it.

It’s also important to note that the coursework is not required. You are able to take as much or as little of the course content as you need to feel confident moving forward with the assessment. More advanced users can just skip right to the test.

“The training modules and videos were incredibly valuable, boosting my confidence in creating apps with Glide. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in crafting no code applications for internal solutions and integrations. I eagerly anticipate future courses and certifications.”

Brian Banks -Technology Development and Integration Specialist, Lone Star Communications

What’s next?

Level 1 is just the beginning. We have further certifications coming that will be more tailored to advanced users or the demonstration of specific techniques and skills. If you’re curious about what we’re thinking, listen to Cait and Brett talk about the thoughts behind the Glide Certification program on YouTube.

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Cait Levin

Cait Levin

An educator for over 15 years, Cait leads all aspects of Glide’s educational experience for users, from Glide University to the Glide Docs and everywhere in between. She has worked with learners of all ages across disciplines and mediums. When not thinking about how to help folks use Glide, she reads and writes on her couch in Boston, often with a snack.

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