Data. Layout. Action.

Glide is taking a giant leap forward, with its own high-performance tables independent of Google Sheets, tablet & desktop layouts, and a powerful new action editor.

A more powerful Data Editor, with high-performance Glide Tables that sync instantly between apps.

The Data Editor is where you connect, format, and enhance your app’s data—whether it’s from a Google Sheet, built-in Glide Tables, or other third-party data sources in the future.

Connect multiple apps to the same Glide Table to create powerful multi-app scenarios. For example, an employee app and a manager app that share data.

A simplified Layout Editor with support for tablet & desktop.

The Layout Editor is where you create screens and add components that connect to your data. Components are professionally-designed building blocks that allow anyone to create a polished app. You can also preview your app on phone, tablet, and desktop devices as you build it.

The Action Editor allows your apps to reach out and touch something. Or just play fun sound effects.

Actions are available now, and later this year we’ll add a more powerful Action Editor to Glide's main toolbar. This is where you'll add reusable actions and automations that connect your app to the world.

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