Meet Glide 2.0

Nearly every aspect of Glide has been updated and refined, with new app features & tablet layout, an all-new app builder, team collaboration, and templates for work.

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Tablet Layout

Any app made with Glide will automatically adapt its layout for larger screens.

Multi-Step Actions

Swipe Layout

Satellite Maps

High-performance Glide Tables

Glide Tables are faster and more scalable than Google Sheets, and can be shared between apps.

Conditions in Actions

Actions have evolved from simple, single steps, into multi-step sequences with logic-based conditions

Signature Pad

and much more

Barcode Scanning
Improved Maps on Tablet
1GB File Uploads
Button Bar
Floating Button
New Title Styles
New Hint Component
Sound Effects
Make an App


All-new Design

Glide 2.0 features a redesigned app builder with surprisingly advanced capabilities.

10x Faster Data Editor

Action Editor

The all-new action editor lets you build powerful action sequences with logic-based branching.

Responsive Designer

Design for phones, tablets, and the web, so your Glide apps feel natural on more screens.

Role-based Data Security

and much more

Open-source Data Grid
Link Tables to Multiple Apps
New Column Types
File Tracking
New Feature Update Notifications
Data Pad in Layout Editor
Experience the Power of Glide

for Work

All-new Templates for Work

We worked with businesses to build apps specifically for their needs. We've made them free to copy from our template store.

14-day Pro Trials

When you copy an App for Work, you'll start a free 14-day trial of Glide's business tier.

Hundreds of Templates
to Boost Your Business

The community added hundreds of templates to our template store, for every use case from Digital Restaurant Menus to Company Board Management, to help you start your next app even more quickly.

Explore our Template Store


Invite with Magic Link

Transfer Apps Between Teams

New Dashboard

Unlimited Collaborators

and much more

Invite within Editor
Starred Apps
Team-based App Login
App Sorting Options

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