Ticket & Support AI System

Ticket & Support AI System

Manage your helpdesk with this simple to use, robust, AI enhanced app

Runs on tablet, desktop, and mobile

Description: Streamline your customer service experience with the premier no-code ticketing support system designed for businesses seeking efficiency and simplicity. Inspired by the functionality of platforms like Intercom and Zendesk, this Glideapps-powered AI enabled solution offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage and enhance your customer support operations.


Ticket Submission Portal: Clients can effortlessly report issues or seek assistance through a user-friendly interface, with the capability to track the status of their inquiries in real-time.

Real-Time Communication: Enable direct dialogue between clients and support agents, fostering a responsive support environment.

Notification System: Instant alerts keep your support team informed about new tickets, ensuring that no customer query goes unnoticed.

Ticket Management: Assign tickets to specific agents, categorize issues for streamlined processing, and manage the entire ticket lifecycle from open to close.

Internal Chat Functionality: Encourage collaboration among your team members with a built-in chat system for internal communications.

Analytics Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into customer interactions, support trends, and team performance to continually optimize your support strategy.

User Management: Easily onboard new support agents and manage permissions with a robust user management framework.

This app is the ideal Glide template for entrepreneurs, non-technical founders, and business owners looking to deploy a solution for their customer service process. With no coding required, you can customize this template to fit your brand and scale your support system as your business grows.

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