Create an Airbnb property management app that offers a variety of services for hosts.

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You own or are developing for a the owner of a single property and want to set up an automated system for managing all aspects of short-term rentals.

Create an Airbnb property management app that offers a variety of services for hosts.

Equip Airbnb hosts with the ability to smoothly manage their properties with this versatile app template. This tool is designed to assist hosts in connecting with their guests, managing bookings, and promoting repeat business. By using the app's user-friendly features, hosts can integrate property management tasks into their routine, enhancing their hosting experience and catalysing their growth.

-- Booking tracking

-- Income tracking

-- Expense tracking

-- Review monitoring

-- Staff Management

-- Payments/Bonuses management

This flexible app template is designed to help hosts effectively manage their property, staff and accounting.

With its easy-to-use features, hosts have access to key information and stats, tracking income, expenses and reviews.

This is a comprehensive solution for any Airbnb host or property manager who wants to quickly and efficiently set up an automated system for managing all aspects of their short-term rentals.

Quick to customise & deploy; create a release-ready app within an hour or less!

Full documentation is provided with the template, with each table column defined and explained.

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If you’d like some help to customise the template to your specific requirements, we can help.

We’re experts with leveraging the full power of Glide using APIs and, where necessary, custom code to connect your app to external services.

Examples of customisations

-- E-Commerce Integration: Add shopping cart and checkout functionalities for chargeable services during your guests' stay.

-- Financial Reporting and Analytics: Enhance financial tracking features with more detailed reporting and analytics tools.

-- Integrate AI into financial reporting

--Local Experience Bookings: Enable hosts to offer and manage bookings for local experiences, tours, or services directly through the app.

-- Event-based messaging: send guests messages triggered by events

-- Time-based messaging: send guests messages based on timing

-- Personalised user interface: Customise the look and feel of the app to match your brand.

-- Integration with existing systems: Connect the app with your CRM or database system for seamless data transfer.

-- Integration with Other Apps: Connect the app with other popular apps for enhanced functionality.

-- Interactive Maps: Add location-based features to assist guests.

-- Social media integration

-- Multi-language support: Adapt the app for different regions by adding language options.

-- In-App Chat

-- In-App AI trained to answer questions about appliances, building rules etc

-- Custom Reports: Design reports to provide insights specific to the host's needs.

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