Create and manage gift cards and special packages

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Runs on tablet, desktop, and mobile

Empower small businesses with the ability to effortlessly create and manage their own digital gift card programs. This dynamic app template is specifically designed to help businesses engage with their customers, drive repeat business, and foster a loyal customer base. With easy-to-use features, businesses can seamlessly integrate gift card programs into their operations, enhancing their customer experience and boosting their growth.


-- Multiple Gift Cards Creation

-- Tracking via QR Codes

-- Points tracking

-- Recharge cards within the app

-- Customer card management

-- Business interface

-- Customer interface

This is a complete solution for any small business which needs to deploy one or more gift card programs quickly and efficiently.

-- Detailed Tracking of purchases, points and redemptions

-- Recharge cards within the app

-- QR Code scanner

-- Business interface for the owner

-- Customer interface for end-users

Quick to customise & deploy; create a release-ready app within an hour or less!

Full documentation is provided with the template, with each table column defined and explained.

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If you’d like some help to customise the template to your specific requirements, we can help.

We’re experts with leveraging the full power of Glide using APIs and, where necessary, custom code to connect your app to external services.

Examples of customisations

-- E-Commerce Integration: Add shopping cart and checkout functionalities for businesses selling merchandise.

-- In-app booking: allow customers to book appointments and prepay from within the app

-- User Feedback/reviews: allow customers to provide feedback or rate their experience.

-- Integrations to enable QR codes to be created automatically

-- New types of gift card program: if the points program doesn’t quite fit your needs

-- Digital rewards: offer customers additional rewards within the app

-- Event-based messaging: send customers messages triggered by events

-- Time-based messaging: send customers messages based on timing

-- Advanced subscription management (automated collection, management of cancellations etc)

-- Personalised user interface: Customise the look and feel of the app to match your brand.

-- Integration with existing systems: Connect the app with your CRM or POS system for seamless data transfer.

-- Integration with Other Apps: Connect the app with other popular apps for enhanced functionality.

-- Interactive Maps: Add location-based features for businesses with multiple outlets.

-- Advanced analytics: Implement more detailed tracking and reporting functionality for deeper insights.

-- Social media integration: Allow customers to share their rewards or achievements on social media platforms.

-- Multi-language support: Adapt the app for different regions by adding language options.

-- In-App Chat: Implement a chat feature for increased customer engagement.

-- Custom Reports: Design reports to provide insights specific to the business needs.

-- Gamification: Incorporate game-like features to boost user engagement and loyalty.

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