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What is Glide?

Glide is the best tool for building beautiful and powerful web apps without code.


What can you build with Glide?

Interfaces for browsing, managing, and acting on data. Make your Airtable Databases more accessible and manage the data in real time from any device.

Portals for your customers

Portals for your customers

Give customers & employees a cozy space to interact.

Simple to Share

Share your portal as a simple web link, and anyone can access it for any device–mobile, tablet, desktop, and more.

Easy to Secure

Limit who can access your portal based on a list of approved email addresses, or open it to anyone who signs up.

Customize for Every User

Each user can see just their own data, data shared with everyone, or data specific to their group or role.

Internal tools

Internal tools

Create tools and dashboard your company will love to use.

Organize with Collections

Tables, lists, cards, and other collection types transform any data into a rich, interactive view.

Navigate with Ease

Organize your dashboard with tabs and detail pages that manage all of the little details for you.

Bring Your Own Brand

Match the accent color to your brand and upload your company logo to make your Page yours.

Beautiful Directories

Beautiful Directories

The days of sharing lists in spreadsheets are so over.

Beautiful Today & Tomorrow

Pages update their design automatically as trends evolve, so they always look fresh.

Through Thick & Thin

Whether on a large-screen computer or on your phone, Pages adapt to any screen size.

Forever In-Sync

Edits to your sheet instantly update your directory. Changes made on your Page write back to your sheet. Brilliant!

Apps powered by your data

How does it work?

Learn how to connect Airtable as a data source for your apps in 5 easy steps.

1. Start a new project

To use Airtable with Glide, start a new project from your dashboard and select Airtable as the source.

2. Connect to Airtable by providing your API key

You’ll be asked to connect to Airtable by providing your API key. This is just a string of text you need to copy from your Airtable settings.

3. Copy the API Key and paste into Glide

Sign in to Airtable and visit your account settings: Here, you’ll see a button called ‘Generate API key.’ Click on it, and a new key will be created. Copy that value and paste it into Glide.

4. Select an Airtable Database

You should be able to browse your Airtable bases and select one for your new project.

5. Voilà. Your app is ready!

Glide will generate an app for you automatically that you can customize however you want.

Build an app from Airtable today

In minutes. Without code. No credit card required.

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