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Zendesk is a platform that connects businesses to their customers. Zendesk’s Chat widget allows your users to chat with team members from your company. By connecting Zendesk to your app, you can chat with your users in real-time and allow them to send messages to your Zendesk inbox when you are not available.

Use case for Zendesk Integration
Use case for Zendesk Integration

Adding and Configuring the Integration

Setting up the Zendesk integration in Glide takes just a few steps:

  • In your Glide project, open the Settings menu.

  • In the Integrations menu, choose Zendesk and select Add to app. After adding Zendesk to your app, you will need to find the Key for your Zendesk Web Widget.

Adding Zendesk integration
Adding Zendesk integration
  • In Zendesk’s Get started flow, click the Messaging and live chat section. Next, click Add Zendesk to your website. In the Embed Web Widget step, you can find your key in the code snippet. It is the 36-character string following key= in the code.
Getting the Zendesk key
Getting the Zendesk key
  • Paste the key under Zendesk’s settings to complete your set-up.

Integration Settings

Integration settingDescriptionRequired field?
KeyThis key is found in Zendesk. This is a 36-character string with letters, numbers, and dashes.
Zendesk Integration settings
Zendesk Integration settings


Add the Zendesk Chat widget to your app

When you add Zendesk to a Glide app, the Zendesk Chat widget will automatically appear in your app for users to interact with. To preview the Zendesk Chat widget, you will need to publish your app.


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