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Make is a visual platform that lets you design, build, and automate anything—from simple tasks to complex workflows—in minutes. With Make, you can send information between Glide and thousands of apps to enjoy enhanced team productivity and customer satisfaction.

To learn more about Make, please visit their help center.

Try our new Make integration

Try our new Make integration, which makes it easy to work directly with data in Glide Tables and Big Tables. It's currently in preview, and you can give us feedback on our forum.

Getting Started

In order for Make to automate tasks, we have to first create a scenario. This is a series of steps (or modules) that tell how data from Glide should be transferred and transformed to any third party apps.

A basic scenario has two steps:

  1. a Trigger

  2. and an Action

Not sure where to start? Make has some prebuilt Glide integrations. Check them out here.

Integrating Glide & Make

  1. Click Create a new scenario within Make's dashboard.

  2. Add a Trigger.

  3. Select the Glide module.

  4. Choose Watch New Action.

Using Webhooks with Make

Creating the webhook in Make

  1. Select the module in your Make dashboard.

  2. Choose My New Action webhook from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select Add.

  4. Name your webhook and click save.

  5. Copy the address to your clipboard.

  6. Select OK.

Triggering the webhook in Glide

  1. In the Layout Editor, add a component that supports actions.

  2. Name your action.

  3. Choose an icon.

  4. Search for the Trigger webhook action.

  5. Select the dropdown menu and add a new webhook.

  6. Name your webhook.

  7. Paste the Make webhook link you copied from the Make dashboard.

  8. Select save.

  9. Click away to exit the configuration.

You can add as many values as you like to the webhook. These values will be sent through your Make webhook action.

Testing your webhook

To set up your first scenario in Make, send some sample data through the webhook. To do this, right-click on the Glide module in Make and select Run this module only.

Back in Glide, click the component with the configured Trigger Webhook action. Glide will then send data to Make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Make? Ask the Glide community.

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