Transform your raw data into personalized and visually appealing PDFs automatically.

PDFMonkey is a platform that allows you to generate PDF files dynamically using templates and data. With the PDF Monkey integration, you can generate PDF documents using data from your Glide app.

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Adding and Configuring the Integration

  1. In Glide, click the Settings menu.

  2. Find the Integrations section and then select PDFMonkey.

  3. Click the Add to app button.

  4. Finally, add your API key to start using the PDFMonkey integration.


Generate PDF file

The Generate PDF file action allows you to create a PDF document using a template from PDFMonkey and data from your Glide app.

To make a PDF, you just need to give your PDFMonkey Template ID and desired Filename.

If you want to put information from Glide into your PDF, you can switch out placeholders in the template with +Add value .

Once the PDF is created, a link to it will be saved in the field you specify for File output.

The action can be added to a Component that supports Actions (e.g., a Button component), added to an action sequence in the Action Editor, or after a Form is submitted.

Use Cases

Integrating PDFMonkey with Glide offers a seamless way to generate PDF documents using PDF Monkey templates and data from your Glide app. Here are a few examples of how businesses are using this integration:

  1. Order Summaries: Create concise PDF summaries of order details for efficient record-keeping whenever a customer places an order.

  2. Service Agreements: Allow customers to review your terms and conditions, and upon their signature using Glide's Signature component, instantly generate a signed service agreement.

  3. Monthly Statements: Produce comprehensive monthly statements for clients on monthly billing, detailing all their transactions.

Example: Enhancing Engagement with Personalized Promotional Flyers

SwiftCourier, a leading courier service, continually seeks innovative ways to engage its loyal customer base. With an upcoming promotional offer, they aimed not only to reach their customers but also to establish a personal connection with them.

Recognizing the impact of personalization, SwiftCourier decided to create individualized promotional flyers tailored to each customer. However, given their extensive customer base, manual flyer creation would be time-consuming and error-prone.

This is where the PDFMonkey integration with Glide comes into play.

Setting Up the Personalized Flyer Generation

After integrating PDFMonkey with Glide, a PDFMonkey template was created to serve as the foundation for the promotional flyers. The template includes placeholders for specific customer details:

  • Customer Name

  • Date of their last order

  • A unique discount code

Generating the Personalized Flyers

Back in Glide, a button was added to each customer's profile dedicated to the promotion. When clicked, this button initiates a custom action, starting with the PDFMonkey action to generate the flyer. The action includes the PDF Monkey template ID, the customer data for the template, and the field to store the final PDF link.

Distributing the Flyers

Once the PDF is generated, the Gmail integration can be used to send the flyer directly to the customer. This streamlined process allows SwiftCourier to send the custom offer with just a button press.

Customers receive an email containing their personalized PDF flyer, fostering a sense of value and increasing the likelihood of them taking up the promotional offer.

The Results

The outcome? A significant increase in customer engagement and participation in the promotional offer.

Through using the PDFMonkey integration with Glide, SwiftCourier transformed what could have been a burdensome task into an automated, efficient process. They delivered a tailored experience to their customers, enhancing their overall satisfaction and engagement.

To learn more generally about Integrations in Glide, including how they affect your app’s usage, check out our Introduction to Integrations.

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