Introduction to Layout

A walkthrough of Glide's interface.


When you log into Glide, you'll arrive at your Dashboard.

On the left side you'll see your apps, templates, usage data, billing, and team management. You'll also see any teams you belong to, and can create new teams if needed.

Click on New app to create a new app, or click on an existing app to edit it.

Glide's user interface is separated into four areas:

  1. The Data Editor

  2. The Layout Editor

  3. The Action Editor

  4. App Settings

You can move between these areas using the top navigation bar, which remains consistent on all screens.

Data Editor

The Data Editor has four distinct areas.

  1. The tables area on the left shows each of your individual tables. If you've synced data from a data source or a file, you'll see all of your imported data tables here. You can add more tables directly in the data editor, or hit the (+) symbol to sync more data from another source.

  2. The sources area on the bottom left is where you see your Data Sources. You can click here to sync or visit your data source.

  3. The main area is the actual data grid itself. Here you can scroll, add to, and edit the data you see.

  4. The Data Editor has its own top bar, which shows the View as user dropdown, the name of the current table, the find column search box, and the share feedback button.

Learn more about the Data Editor.

Layout Editor

The Layout Editor can be broken into five core areas and is where you do the bulk of your design work.

  1. Tabs

  2. Screen

  3. Data

  4. Device preview

  5. Configuration panel

Layout Editor: Tabs

The navigation area in the left sidebar is where you manage the tabs in your app. You can add, delete, duplicate, rearrange, and drag them into the app menu.

Layout Editor: Screen

Below navigation is the screen section from where you manage the Components that are visible on that screen. Click on a component to edit it and click the plus (+) icon to add a new component. You can also re-order and delete components here.

When you see a dropdown arrow in Glide, you can often collapse that area to make the interface cleaner or to give yourself more room.

Layout Editor: Data Tab

The Layout area has its own mini Data Editor known as the Data Tab, on the bottom of the sidebar. Instead of showing you all your app's data, the Data Tab shows you just the data for the current screen (if no component is selected) or the currently selected component. You can also use the undo and redo icons located here.

The Data Tab is a great tool to have open as you navigate your app and want to

  1. Understand the current screen's data

  2. Quickly edit that data or add new columns

Layout Editor: Device preview

The device preview area lets you interact with your app, both as a user and as an app developer, in multiple ways:

  1. The device itself

  2. The mobile preview and desktop preview icons on the top right let you change the device width and OS

  3. The View as user dropdown

Layout Editor: Configuration panel

The area on the right of the Layout Editor is the configuration panel, and it changes depending on what you're currently editing, which you can see from the breadcrumb menu at the top.

In the image below, see how the breadcrumb menu (top right) changes to show you what you're currently editing.

Moving between tabs and components changes the breadcrumb menu

What you see in the configuration panel (below the breadcrumb menu) changes, depending on what you're editing, to either:

  • General and Options

  • General, Options, and Actions

Action Editor

Some components display data, some receive data, and others can trigger actions and connect with third-party services like Slack, Microsoft Outlook, Zapier, and more.

You can trigger a single action directly from the configuration panel for a component. The Action Editor lets you create more complex, multi-step actions and manage all of the actions within your app.

To learn more about actions in Glide, check out our guide here.

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