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Access robust business information and hours of operation from Yelp.

Yelp allows you to access robust business data. You can display contact information, overall rating, review counts, and much more. By integrating Yelp with Glide Apps, you can create a powerful platform that leverages Yelp's data to provide users with a rich and engaging experience.

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Use case of the Yelp Integration

Use case of the Yelp Integration

Adding and Configuring the Integration

To start using the Yelp integration, you first need to add it to your project.

  • In Glide, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Navigate to the Integrations tab and then select Yelp.
  • Click the Add to app button.
  • Enter your Yelp API key. You can generate one on YelpFusion dashboard.

Adding the Yelp Integration to your Glide Project

Adding the Yelp Integration to your Glide Project


The Yelp integration in Glide has two features:

  1. Find Business
  2. Get Business Hours

Find Business

The Find Business feature can be used to generate information about a business. This feature can be added as an Action (on a Component that supports actions) or added to an action sequence in the Action Editor. You can also create Computed Columns to generate results directly in the Data Editor

Configuring the Find Business action

Configuring the Find Business action

FieldDescriptionField TypeExample
Latitude,LongitudeThe geo-coordinates of the businessInput32.729638,-97.112934
AddressThe full, physical address of the businessInput702 Planetarium Pl, Arlington, TX 76019 USA
NameThe name of the businessResultStarbucks
RatingThe Yelp rating of the businessResult2.5
Phone NumberThe phone number of the businessResult12147239791
Business IDThe unique identifier for the businessResultCmtoHILBAuTGLDb13cLctg
AliasAn alternate identifier of the businessResultstarbucks-arlington-28
Image URLThe URL for the image of the businessResulthttps://s3-media1.fl.yelpcdn.com/bphoto/x4ySwBxV9weujGRFJZLnNA/o.jpg
Is ClosedIndicates whether the business is currently open or closedResultfalse
URLThe link to the business’ Yelp pageResulthttps://www.yelp.com/biz/starbucks-arlington-28?adjust_creative=UUCHckFkoe_Nu7D-RiP6gw&utm_campaign=yelp_api_v3&utm_medium=api_v3_business_search&utm_source=UUCHckFkoe_Nu7D-RiP6gw
Review CountThe number of reviews for this businessResult24
CategoryThe Yelp category for this businessResultCoffee & Tea
PriceThe approximate cost per personResult$$
Display PhoneThe phone number for the business formatted for a better displayResult(214) 723-9791

Get Business Hours

The Get Business Hours feature can be used to get the operating hours for a business. Just like the Find Business feature, you can use this feature as an Action, or you can create Computed Columns to generate business hours directly in the Glide Data Editor.

Configuring the Get Business Hours action

Configuring the Get Business Hours action

FieldDescriptionField TypeExample
Business IDThe unique identifier for the businessInputCmtoHILBAuTGLDb13cLctg
HoursThe business hours for the businessResultMon: 07:00-20:00, Tue: 07:00-20:00, Wed: 07:00-20:00, Thu: 07:00-20:00, Fri: 07:00-17:00

To learn more generally about Integrations in Glide, including how they affect your app’s usage, check out our Introduction to Integrations.


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