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Shorten, personalize, and share fully branded short URLs.

Short.io is a service that shortens links using your own domain. With the Short.io integration, you can transform URLs directly.

Don't see the Short.io integration?

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Adding and Configuring the Integration

To start using the Short.io integration, you first need to add it to your project.

  • In Glide, click the Settings menu.
  • Find the Integrations section and then select Short.io.
  • Click the Add to app button.
  • You will need your Short.io API key to finish configuring the integration.
  • You can find your Short.io API key in your Short.io dashboard. It's usually a 20-character string of letters and numbers starting with sk_

Adding Short.io Integration

Adding Short.io Integration


Shorten URL

The Shorten URL feature can be used as an action or as a computed column to shorten a URL.

With this integration, you could turn a long YouTube Link like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqxP0DnJlBI into a short link like this mysite.com/special-name.

Below is a table with a description of the different settings. The most important settings to be aware of are:

  • Domain
  • Original URL
  • Shortened URL result
DomainShort.io domain to usehttps://www.mysite.com
Original URLFull length URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqxP0DnJlBI
PathShortened URL textmy-video
TitleTitle for URl in short.ioMy Video
Expires AtLink expiration date1685737483
Expired URLRedirect for expired linkhttps://www.newlink.com
PasswordFor password-protected links!8wzTjd6o1$%
Shortened URLColumn in Glide to save shortened URLShort Link column

A note on expiration dates

Short.io requires the expiration data to be sent as a unix timestamp. You can generate one here.

To learn more generally about Integrations in Glide, including how they affect your app’s usage, check out our Introduction to Integrations.

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