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Generate CSV

Let users generate CSV files from your tables or relations through an action.

Glide displays your data in various styles and layouts, but sometimes your users need to export that data to a CSV file for use outside of your Glide project. For this, you can use the Generate CSV Integration.

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Use case of the Generate CSV Integration
Use case of the Generate CSV Integration

Adding and Configuring the Integration

To start using the Generate CSV integration, you first need to add it to your project.

  • In Glide, click the Settings icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Navigate to the Integrations tab and then select Generate CSV.
  • Click the Add to app button.
Adding the Generate CSV Integration
Adding the Generate CSV Integration


The Generate CSV Integration has only one feature - Generate CSV. This can be added inside a component that supports actions or added to an action sequence in the Action Editor.

Configuring the Generate CSV Integration
Configuring the Generate CSV Integration

Below is a table outlining the different settings.

Source dataWhich row, table, or relation to use
File outputWhere to put the CSV link

You can use select columns to include as many columns from your data source as you’d like. Glide will choose most columns by default. You can also rename columns directly from this screen to customize your CSV file.

To learn more generally about Integrations in Glide, including how they affect your app’s usage, check out our Introduction to Integrations.


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