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Meet your Glide Certified Community Challenge Winners

Last month we announced Glide’s first level of certification. To celebrate the launch, we challenged our Glide community members to share their certifications on LinkedIn. Here are the winners.

Andy Claremont

Andy Claremont

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Meet your Glide Certified Community Challenge Winners

Last month we announced Glide’s first level of certification. To celebrate the launch, we challenged our Glide community members to share their certifications on LinkedIn.

By the end of October, we had just shy of 100 challenge entries from Glide users around the world. From those entries, we looked for individuals whose work best reflects what we’re building Glide for. They are:

Getting certified isn’t easy. You need to demonstrate a deep understanding of Glide fundamentals. We wanted to learn more about our winners, and what drove them to get certified.

Here’s what they had to say.

Why did you start using Glide?

“Before discovering Glide, my journey as a full-stack web app hobbyist often felt like a complex and time-consuming endeavor. [...] It wasn't until my brother introduced me to Glide that I realized the game-changing potential of this platform.” – Eric Medlin

“I wanted to get involved in building apps with AI and after some research I decided to go with Glide and haven't looked back since. It's the only no-code software I've used so far and most likely will remain that way going forward.” – Emmet Maher

“I was looking for simple, highly customizable ways to build apps and small products. Glide connected with the data sources I needed! I've been building software for 15 years, and I wanted to find a way to rapidly prototype new ideas... and it turns out, run full production applications, too!” – Matt Wagner

“I researched no-code for a couple of months and tested most of the existing providers. When I tested Glide it was as easy to publish and change as saving a file. Within 15 minutes I had created an app that actually could be used and users could register and login. This was mind blowing.” – Jon Högström

“I started using Glide because there’s a constant nagging voice in my head that replays every single day - and it’s “there has to be a better way to do this”. As it turns out, Glide is the better way to do things!” – Ryan Raj

“I started with Glide after discovering it on Product Hunt in 2020. Prior to that I was using Appsheet for a lot of my prototyping, but the major push to use only Glide was when members of my tech team moved on to other opportunities, so I took the leap to be a full no code agency from 2021. Since then, no regrets.” – King Sze

“As someone who doesn't come from a coding background, I struggled to find a platform that resonated with me. Glide allowed me to transform my idea into a tangible MVP within just a couple of weeks—a stark contrast to the little headway I'd made over the previous months with other tools.” – Evan Furniss

“I was building a budget app on Google Sheets that I wanted to build into an app, some Google searching brought me to trying out Glide and seeing if it would work for what I was trying to do - and it was perfect!” – Michael Reynolds

“We are focused on helping SMEs and Charities employ agile technology solutions that help them punch above their weight and compete with larger, better-resourced competitors. For almost all of these their Line Of Business application is Excel and Glide just made the proposition to them make so much sense. We explored many solutions, but Glide won in terms of ease of build, speed of deployment and cost.” – Andy Scott

How are you using Glide today?

“It turns out that for a lot of companies, and even with my internal team, having a suite of tools that are contained nicely within Glide Tables or a connected Google Sheet was sufficient and didn't require any more effort into more complex custom coded applications. I use Glide currently for a wide range of purposes including RPG gaming, property inspections, HR, and inventory management.” – Tyler Hartgrove

“I'm working on a specialized app designed to capture client use cases. This tool will be instrumental in my journey to build tailored Glide Apps for clients. It will serve as a dynamic platform for gathering their unique requirements and ensuring that every app is a perfect fit for their needs.” – Eric Medlin

“Glide runs all of my internal tools. Project Management, CRM, customer portal, and I even created my own AI content creators inside of Glide tailored on my data. I'm also building out Glide apps for other businesses. Every business I work with is unique and it's awesome to be able to provide custom-fit solutions for them.” – Evan Furniss

“I use it to help my customers get a better working day. Showing the possibilities with digitalisation by creating MVPs and small integrated solutions. I strongly believe that Glide will and have to replace Excel in all businesses ASAP.” – Jon Högström

“From Supply Chain & Logistics management to live matchday operations at Catapult - we utilise Glide today to put some colour into our data. We use it to contextualise the data and prescribe workflows around it. Our teams love it and we love building on Glide. Utilising the Actions and having the option to integrate with other third party SaaS allows you to stack an all encompassing tool and enables our team to trim the BAU from our day to day.” – Ryan Raj

“Today I use my Glide budget application daily to keep my finances in check and I've built a few other apps when inspiration strikes. Once you start, you can't stop!” – Michael Reynolds

Why did you decide to get Glide Certified?

“Getting certified was a great way of testing my knowledge of the platform, and forcing me to re-read all of the documentation to ensure I knew what I was working with!” – Matt Wagner

“I got certified because I like knowing that I'm at least keeping up with the changing times of rapid low-code app development. As I get older it sometimes feels like I might fall behind with the advancements in AI and all the new tools coming out from all over the world.” – Tyler Hartgrove

“Certification brings two benefits - it confirms knowledge and learning and equally it demonstrates to our clients and prospective clients that we are capable, competent and worthwhile investing in. Our intention is to pursue all the accreditation levels as we see this as only building our credibility." – Andy Scott

“Certification served as more than just a validation of my expertise; it was the key that unlocked my agency's potential to deliver exceptional Glide-based solutions to clients. It allowed me to showcase my proficiency in this powerful no-code platform and establish my position as a trusted expert in the field.” – Eric Medlin

“It was a great way to show the knowledge I've obtained so far by just using the help center and community forums to build my apps. I look forward to learning more and hopefully obtaining the next stage of certifications.” – Emmet Maher

“Glide was a litmus test to validate its purpose and fit in our operations. After the team saw what was possible, the inflow of feature requests began - the demand was there. The certification enabled continuous learning and was pretty much a gateway of discovering new possibilities. It serves as an extension of the already resourceful Glide community.” – Ryan Raj

“Glide certification I see as a 'must-have' since I'm building out Glide apps for others. I also figured I would learn new ways to go about different projects and that was true!” – Evan Furniss

Any advice for new Glide users?

“Dig in and build something! That's the best way to learn. You can build many useful things, quickly!” – Matt Wagner

“My advice would be to find and pair a nice API/Automation service that works well with Glide that can truly expand your capabilities. [...] This can provide your team or customers with ways to quickly but easily integrate Glide into their existing workflows.” – Tyler Hartgrove

“Get building! You will learn more from trial and error when building out basic apps at the beginning of your journey and gradually you will start to build more complex logic and workflows. The hardest part is getting started but the most enjoyable once you start seeing your ideas come to life.” – Emmet Maher

“Throw yourself in the deep end and try building to solve as many real-world applications as you can and have fun doing it. I find that it is a great way to learn the platform and drive value in for your teams and workflows. Utilise their actions and integrations - this is what brings the apps to life!” – Ryan Raj

“Start with the Glide templates and work to custom-fit those to what you would like. Then later, try rebuilding the templates yourself from scratch. Utilize the Glide community as you have questions. You will find overtime that you can replace a lot with Glide so don't overload yourself with too much work!” – Evan Furniss

“Build something you love and keep making it better.” – Michael Reynolds

Building apps for others? Get certified.

You might’ve noticed that most of our challenge winners mentioned building Glide apps for others. That’s exactly what we created the Glide Experts partner program for.

As a Glide Expert, you’ll earn rewards based on the client teams you’re connected to. You’ll also get invited to our private Glide Experts community on Slack, where you can talk shop and get peer advice from thousands of other Glide Experts around the world.

Plus, Glide Experts can earn the new Certified Glide Expert status by completing their Glide certification and connecting to 3+ client teams.

Learn more about the Glide Experts program and join for free.

Want to be Glide Certified?

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Andy Claremont

Andy Claremont

Andy’s no code journey started with WYSIWYG editors in the 90’s. He’s been on a grand tour of codeless development ever since. These days he’s wrangling Glide events, partnerships, and community activities from the remote Toronto suburbs.

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