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Introducing The Column, Glide’s Redesigned Blog

Sharing news, ideas, and information about building software with no code

Wren Noble

Wren Noble

Head of Content

Introducing The Column, Glide’s Redesigned Blog

We have a lot to say about software - how it’s made, who it serves, and who should be able to make it. “No code development” is a deceptively simple term, but to us, it means constantly thinking about what new tools we can use to help more people make more effective, powerful, and beautiful software more easily. We want to empower people to build the solutions to their own business problems.

Our newly redesigned blog, The Column (a play on both news columns and the data columns that power Glide apps), is a place for us to share what we are working on with our community. It’s your source for Glide news, information about the tech used to build and power no code app building, and ideas for using software to create better solutions. 

Why we’re reintroducing the Glide blog

We can create more effectively when we understand how the tools we are using work and why we are doing things a certain way. Our blog explains the how and the why of Glide, no code development, and business app creation so that you can build better apps for your teams and your businesses.

We want our blog to be a valuable resource that transparently explains what’s going on under the hood of our platform and helps our community use it more effectively. With the new blog design, we hope you can find the inspiration you’re looking for more easily.

Our new blog will host a variety of topics that will help you build better apps with no code. Look for big ideas like our founder’s Nocode keynote speech, helpful tutorials on topics like creating custom OpenAI apps, business guides about topics like managing field operations, and important technical details of the features we introduce to the Glide platform like single sign-on and AI-powered columns.

The content

We’ve created six topic categories to make it easier for people to find the articles and guides they’re looking for. Learn about everything from artificial intelligence to washing machine repair apps. Take a look at the content that lives on our blog.


Learn how to build new features and tools in Glide with guided tutorials and lessons.

Build a Custom Inventory Management App Without Coding


Read product comparisons, integration details, and software reviews.

12 WYSIWYG Platforms for Businesses: Website Builders, E-Commerce Plugins, and More


Our team here at Glide are tech geeks and tinkerers, and our blog reflects that interest. Dive deeper into the technical features that power your apps. Learn about everything from artificial intelligence to SQL databases to the newest security features.

How to Create a Barcode and QR Code Scanner App with Glide


Glide is for business apps, so this is where we look deeper into how you can improve your business operations with custom software. Read tips and tutorials or get new ideas for apps to build.

Why IT should be the champion of AI at work


Get inspired by the software other Glide users are building and how they are using it to power their businesses. If you want to find customer stories and real-world examples of the impact custom software can have on a business, this is where to look.

How to Scale Your Org With Intention - Inside Operations with Maile Lesica, Fractional Executive


Stay up to date with what’s new for Glide and the world of no code. 

Introducing Glide Certification Level 1

The design

Beautiful, effective design has been baked into Glide’s philosophy from the beginning. Our blog needed to reflect that focus. We’ve refreshed our look with the help of Glide’s Digital Designer, Tom Parkes, the expertise of front-end developer Edgar John, and the support of talented Lea Konaševská, who created new gradients and 3D illustrations.

Keep learning…

The blog isn’t the only resource for learning about Glide, no code, and the process of building better software. Check out Glide University for thorough lessons for builders of all experience levels or Glide Docs to access our technical documentation. 

Watch a variety of videos on YouTube, including live app builds and in-depth breakdowns from businesses and app builders. If you have questions about the platform or want to connect with other Glide users, you can always visit the Glide Community.

If you’re curious, bookmark our blog, visit and read new posts, or subscribe to our newsletter. We’ve got a lot to say.

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Wren Noble

Wren Noble

Leading Glide’s content, including The Column and Video Content, Wren’s expertise lies in no code technology, business tools, and software marketing. She is a writer, artist, and documentary photographer based in NYC.

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