LearnPublished June 30, 2023

Using Glide to Create Custom OpenAI Apps

A recap of our Build with Glide session where we covered building a custom no-code app for OpenAI.

​Build Glide apps that make OpenAI easier to use 🪄

​​​In this Build With Glide session, we show you how to build custom solutions that offer more functionality than working with OpenAI directly - no coding required!

​We cover:

  • ​Using Glide to build custom OpenAI interfaces

  • ​Saving and iterating on your OpenAI prompts

  • ​Working with JSON responses from OpenAI

​This session is great for Glide beginners and experienced users alike.

Miguel Hernandez, aka Grumo, a Glide Expert and prolific YouTuber covering Glide and no-code app development, led the session.

Key Takeaways

  • You need to work with the OpenAI API to tap into its most powerful capabilities. That can be out of reach if you're not a developer.

  • Glide's OpenAI integration lets you work with the API directly, without any code. It only takes a minute to connect your Glide app to your OpenAI account. See our documentation for more info.

  • You can build powerful solutions by combining OpenAI with Glide's native features in the Data, Layout, and Actions Editor. Think of it as "wrapping and extending" the OpenAI API with your own custom interface and functionality.

  • In your OpenAI prompts, instruct OpenAI to respond in a specific format, like CSV or JSON. This allows you to parse responses using Glide's computed columns like Split Text or JavaScript.

  • Refer to the Usage dashboards in Glide and OpenAI to monitor your app updates and token usage. Your app's efficiency and cost vary depending on how you app is built.

  • Need help? Join the Glide and OpenAI communities for inspiration and advice.

Thank you to Grumo for joining us! Subscribe to his YouTube channel for more great Glide tips and tutorials.

Build With Glide is a recurring series where Glide Experts demo existing Glide apps or build new apps from scratch. See all the recordings on our YouTube playlist.

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