Time Sheet (Basic)

by Kyle Heney
Preview template

This Time Sheet app allows employees to submit their hours of work per day (including start time, end time and break time) for approval by their chosen Manager. The app will prevent duplicate entries per day per employee by checking against previously submitted time sheets. Employees can easily view their pending and approved time sheets from their profile and an App Administrator can assign Managers ----> Managers can easily view their staff’s time sheets, approve them, and provide feedback to each staff member (i.e. “Great work this week!”). This app relies on formulas in the Sheet to perform duration calculations to add up the hours worked per day. This is actually a benefit though, as it means that the totals are displayed in the spreadsheet (not just the Glide Editor) and can be easily exported into Payroll Software, if desired. Tying app submissions to an organization’s Payroll Software can significantly reduce the work of payroll officers by configuring your own custom sheet with queries of Hours Worked per pay period.

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