Staff availability & scheduling directory

by Wiz Wazeer
Preview template

This template is designed to assist medium to large corporations with a sizable employee turnover in major business industries from the construction industry through the in-house/home patient care industry to almost any industry with mobile employment flexibilities such as babysitters, hospitality staff, cleaning staff, door to sales staff etc. Staff add and publish their availability by date and shift (morning, afternoon, evening & night) which goes to the staff availability or scheduling hub. This is picked up by Admin, who then shortlist all available staff, select and posts the shifts to the general staff “group schedule hub” which if you like is the apps version of a company staff dashboard. The template, mindful of the fact that some industries see new staff come and go on regular basis and the impact such changes normally could have on business efficiency in terms of the time and costs involved in training new staff in the use of new technology, comes with step by step instructions on how to complete the process of adding and publishing new availability postings.

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