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Spaces Directory Template

Spaces Directory Template


Discover, review, and connect with your favorite places using the Spaces Directory app—explore, rate, and engage with spaces near you.

Spaces Directory Template
Spaces Directory Template
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What is the Spaces Directory Template?

The Spaces Directory template helps you manage and explore various spaces efficiently.

  • Add and personalize your own spaces
  • Browse spaces using a list view or a map
  • Mark your favorite spaces and leave reviews and ratings

Try the Spaces Directory template today.

Why you should use the Spaces Directory Template with Glide

A Spaces Directory template built on Glide is the perfect way to keep track of and interact with your favorite spaces. It lets users add their own spaces, browse spaces by list or map, 'favourite' spaces, leave reviews & ratings, check in and engage with other checked-in users, and get directions to spaces.

  • Glide connects to your existing data, from Google Sheets to SQL databases, enabling you to create interfaces on top of your data without the hassle of migration.
  • Pre-Built UI Elements: Glide’s design system features pre-built themes, layouts, and components, providing a cohesive look and feel for your apps.
  • Desktop and Mobile Adaptive: Glide apps are automatically optimized for desktop and mobile breakpoints, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices without extra work.

Start using the Spaces Directory template today and give your users an engaging way to manage and explore spaces.

Who should use the Spaces Directory Template

Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, this Spaces Directory app helps you showcase your company's event spaces and connect with potential customers. With this app, you can:

  • Easily add and manage listings for all your event spaces
  • Highlight top spaces with photos, descriptions, and amenities
  • Monitor reviews and ratings from customers to improve offerings
  • Analyze check-in data to understand space popularity and demand

Operations Manager

As an operations manager, you can easily manage and maintain a directory of spaces for your organization.

  • Quickly add new spaces to the directory as your organization expands
  • Allow employees to browse spaces by list or map view for convenience
  • Enable employees to leave reviews and ratings to improve space quality
  • Encourage employee engagement by letting them check in at spaces



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How the template works

  • 1

    Click 'Buy template'

    This will copy the template into your Glide account. If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to create one for free.

  • 2

    Customize your template

    You can now import your data, add features, screens, and integrations, and adjust the settings and appearance of your app.

  • 3

    Publish your app

    Once you've customized the template to your needs, you can one-click publish the app and begin inviting users immediately.

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