Podcast and Creative Event Production Guru

Podcast and Creative Event Production Guru

Manage basic podcast setup to complex event services from one app available 24/7.

Runs on tablet, desktop, and mobile

Developed by podcast and event production specialists, discover how the Podcast and Creative Event Guru revolutionizes your event management experience. Designed with the needs of medium-sized media and podcast event companies in mind, but easily scalable, this app empowers you with unparalleled control right at your fingertips.

Functions and Benefits:

  1. Pre-Event Planning: Before leaving the office, effortlessly create checklists tailored to each event's unique requirements based on its location.

  2. On-Site Assistance: Navigate through events seamlessly with detailed information on venue logistics, security arrangements, and storage options, ensuring a smooth execution every time.

  3. Equipment Management: Stay organized by managing equipment lists efficiently. Access comprehensive details about each item, including availability, specifications, and associated costs for both use and rental.

  4. Team Task Tracking: Keep track of team tasks and schedules, ensuring everyone is aligned with upcoming responsibilities and deadlines, whether in the office or on the go.

  5. Dynamic Desktop and Mobile Access: Enjoy the flexibility of accessing the app from both desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to update information and stay connected regardless of your location.

  6. Comprehensive Event Overview: Gain insights into upcoming events with detailed schedules, including location, date, time, special notes, and personnel involved, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

  7. Integration with Google Sheets/Excel: Seamlessly integrate your data tables with Google Sheets or Excel for live updates and synchronization, eliminating the need for additional spreadsheets and ensuring data accuracy. (Real time synchronisation with spreadsheets requires a Glide subscription and some integration, enabling real-time updates).

  8. Inventory Management: Easily manage inventory quantities and associated costs manually on desktop or mobile (simultaneous update). (Real time synchronisation with spreadsheets requires a Glide subscription and some integration, enabling real-time updates).

  9. Customizable Data Fields: Tailor data fields to your specific needs, allowing for easy customization and adaptation to evolving requirements.

  10. Supplier and Client Management: Maintain top-level records of suppliers and clients, including contact information, services provided, and past engagements, streamlining communication and fostering stronger relationships.

  11. Team Member Details: Keep track of team member roles and contact information, facilitating efficient communication and coordination within your organization.

  12. Quick Data Entry: Add new events, suppliers, clients, or team members instantly with the convenient plus sign feature, ensuring all relevant information is captured promptly.

With the Podcast and Creative Event Guru, you'll experience enhanced efficiency, organization, and control over every aspect of your event management process, from planning to execution, empowering you to easily deliver exceptional experiences.

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