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Personal Training Hub Template

Personal Training Hub Template

Elevate your training business with the Personal Training Hub—manage clients, communicate, and share resources all in one place.

Personal Training Hub Template
Personal Training Hub Template
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What is the Personal Training Hub Template?

Boost your training business with our Personal Training Hub template. This all-in-one app helps you manage clients, chat, and share resources, making it perfect for trainers aiming for efficiency and engagement.

  • Client Management: Centralize client info and check-ins.
  • Communication: Chat and video calls for quick interactions.
  • Resource Hub: Share workouts and guides easily.
  • AI Content Generation: Create personalized content for your clients.

Please visit our setup guide to get started a bit quicker after purchase: Set-up guide

Why you should use the Personal Training Hub Template with Glide

Enhancing your training business is a breeze with the Personal Training Hub template on Glide. It lets you manage clients, communicate, and share resources efficiently, all while leveraging the robust features of Glide.

  • Key Data Sources: Glide connects to your existing data, from Google Sheets to SQL databases, enabling you to create interfaces on top of your data without the hassle of migration.
  • Integrated Data & Layout Builder: Switch fluidly between the Data Editor — a familiar spreadsheet-like interface where you can manipulate your business data — and the Layout Editor — where you can design your app’s interface, speeding up development.
  • Cross-Platform Syncing: A unified interface that connects to your business tools, letting data flow freely between platforms.

Take control of your training business with the Personal Training Hub template and experience the ease of managing everything from one place. Give it a try today!

Who should use the Personal Training Hub Template

Fitness Program Director

As a Fitness Program Director, this template helps you efficiently create and manage workout plans tailored to your clients' needs. It streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality programs.

  • Easily customize workout routines with drag-and-drop exercises and detailed instructions
  • Track client progress and adjust plans accordingly with built-in progress tracking
  • Securely store and access client information and workout history from anywhere

Operations Manager

As an operations manager, you'll find this template invaluable for optimizing your team's workflow and productivity. Keep everything organized and accessible in one central hub.

  • Efficient Team Management: Easily assign tasks, track progress, and communicate with your team members.
  • Comprehensive Resource Library: Store and share important documents, training materials, and other resources.
  • Streamlined Communication: Facilitate clear and timely communication through integrated chat and video conferencing tools.


Data Sources

How the template works

  • 1

    Click 'Buy template'

    This will copy the template into your Glide account. If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to create one for free.

  • 2

    Customize your template

    You can now import your data, add features, screens, and integrations, and adjust the settings and appearance of your app.

  • 3

    Publish your app

    Once you've customized the template to your needs, you can one-click publish the app and begin inviting users immediately.

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