Mube RE Buyer Buddy

Mube RE Buyer Buddy

Provide guidance to your clients at the touch of a button

Runs on tablet, desktop, and mobile

This real estate app aims to enhance your clients' buying process by keeping them closely connected with you. It includes the following features:

  • A video presentation slot to explains how the app works.

  • A real estate roadmap where you can outline the steps both you and your clients will take to purchase their dream home.

  • A page dedicated to post-purchase processes, including documentation, transportation, interior design, and renovation, with convenient links to services you can provide (for instance, if you have a partnership with a transportation company, you can include a direct link to their website).

  • A personal introduction page with links to your social media profiles and other services you offer.

This app is designed to be your clients' go-to resource throughout their home-buying journey with you. It features automatic links for them to send you pre-planned messages, access property search websites, and view your properties (if you have a website).

By making this app their primary resource, they'll have a more satisfying experience, and even when they're not in direct contact with you, they'll be using your services.

Overall, this app is a way to keep your clients more connected to you and more satisfied with your service, which can lead to more referrals.

(P.S.: The app is tailored to the Portuguese home buying system, but you can easily customize the text and images to suit your needs. Alternatively, we can schedule a meeting where you provide me with the information, and we can discuss pricing for customization.)

  • There is one video I made for the first step, to serve as an example of what the slçots are for. The video is in portuguese and you can check it here:

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