Learning Center - Apply Global User Settings, Preferences, and Filters

Learning Center - Apply Global User Settings, Preferences, and Filters

Learn to apply global user settings and preferences in addition to filters.

Runs on tablet, desktop, and mobile

The purpose of this template is to show how global user settings and local filters can be used to give users control of what they see and interact with in your app. Users in this Learning Center App for people in the Mental Health Industry, can set which topics and locations they're interested in. These global user settings then filters the articles, trainings, and study groups within the app. Furthermore, users can filter articles, trainings, and study groups using the local filter on each individual collection. Why are global user settings needed? To allow users to choose settings or preferences that influence various data and lists throughout the app. Sometimes a user may want the ability to filter everything, not just one list. Or they may want to set preferences that become conditions. Some examples: - Limit items by proximity to user's location. - Use only data within specified date ranges... ie view last week, month, year. - Display only items/data affiliated to certain groups, projects, topics, or teams. - Match to other users based on age, gender, and location preferences. There's still a place for local filters, which in this app users can also: - Apply multiple filters to a single collection using Glide's new built-in multi-filter. - Apply a single filter to a collection.


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