Jobboard AI

Jobboard AI

Transforming Recruitment: AI-Driven Solutions for Employers and Job Seekers

Runs on tablet, desktop, and mobile

Discover JobBoardAI, a cutting-edge recruitment portal developed on the Glide platform, designed to provide a seamless solution for both job seekers and employers. By integrating sophisticated technology and artificial intelligence, JobBoardAI transforms the traditional job search and recruitment processes into an intuitive, efficient, and effective experience.

Key Features for Job Seekers:

Advanced Job Filtering: Tailor your job search with filters for location, category, and type of employment to find your ideal position. Familiarize yourself with the vacancy details, including roles, responsibilities, and required qualifications, before applying.

Multi-Step Application Form: Our unique application form does more than allow you to upload your resume—it acts as your personal assistant. Utilizing AI algorithms, the system auto-fills your contact details and crafts a cover letter that perfectly matches the job listing, significantly enhancing your chances for a successful application.

Key Features for Employers:

Comprehensive Admin Tools: In the 'Admin' section, HR managers can view all their vacancies, edit, and add new ones, as well as manage job postings and efficiently process incoming applications. Applications are prominently displayed at the top of the screen for easy access to applicant details.

AI-Powered Candidate Insights: Upon application selection, employers receive detailed information about the candidate, including contact details and a relevance coefficient calculated by AI. This indicates the candidate's match to the job requirements and is accompanied by an AI-generated summary from the resume and cover letter analysis, aiding in the quick assessment of the candidate's potential.

Efficient Application Management: On the application page, employers can access the applicant's contact information, download the CV, and, if necessary, reject the application with just one click, streamlining the recruitment process.

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