Issue Tracker

by Glide
Preview template

Create a free issue-tracker that includes details, locations, and resolved/unresolved status.

Minimize the headache of tracking, and dealing, with property and office issues.

Group by location.

If you're managing facilities in many locations, you can group issues accordingly.

Check it off.

When an issue is resolved, simply check it off and everyone will know it's taken care of.

Snap a photo of the issue.

See something funky? Just snap a photo in the app and your team will see it.

Start at the finish.

Your app is already done—just copy the template and add it to your phone in minutes.

Make it your own.

Change the name, remix the design, change entire screens, or build new features—you're in control.

Share it with anyone.

Sharing the app with your employees, customers, friends, or the world is as simple as sharing a link.

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