Expense Control Template

Expense Control Template


Control your finances with the Expense Control app—track daily spending, categorize expenses, and stay within budget with real-time alerts.

Expense Control Template
Expense Control Template

What is the Expense Control Template?

Manage your expenses with the Expense Control app. This app helps you keep track of your personal finances and ensures you have full control over your monthly spending.

  • Easily enter and categorize your daily expenses.
  • View real-time spending across various categories like food, entertainment, and fixed expenses.
  • Set monthly budgets for each category and receive alerts when you're nearing your limits.

Try the Expense Control template today to stay on top of your finances.

Why you should use the Expense Control Template with Glide

Managing your expenses is a breeze with the Expense Control template on Glide. This app not only helps you keep tabs on your daily spending but also lets you categorize and monitor your expenses in real-time, ensuring you stay within your budget.

  • Glide connects to your existing data, from Google Sheets to SQL databases, enabling you to create interfaces on top of your data without the hassle of migration.
  • Integrated Data & Layout Builder: Fluidly switch between the Data Editor and the Layout Editor, making it simple to organize your financial data and design your app’s interface.
  • Glide Actions: Create workflows that allow users to efficiently track their spending and interact with third-party apps.

Take charge of your personal finances today by trying the Expense Control template on Glide. Stay on top of your budget and make informed financial decisions with ease.

Who should use the Expense Control Template

Finance Manager

As a finance manager, this template helps you efficiently manage your team's budgets, forecasts, and financial reporting. You can quickly access key metrics, track spending against allocations, and generate comprehensive reports for stakeholders.

  • Centralized dashboard for monitoring budgets, actuals, and variances across departments
  • Customizable templates for standardizing monthly/quarterly reporting packages
  • Collaborate seamlessly with team members on forecasts and analyses

Project Manager

As a project manager, you'll find this expense control app invaluable for keeping your team's spending organized and within budget. With clear visibility into spending by category, you can ensure projects stay on track financially and make adjustments as needed.

  • Track all project-related expenses in one centralized place
  • Set budgets for different expense categories and get alerts when nearing limits
  • Easily export expense data to share with clients or leadership



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How the template works

  • 1

    Click 'Get template'

    This will copy the template into your Glide account. If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to create one for free.

  • 2

    Customize your template

    You can now import your data, add features, screens, and integrations, and adjust the settings and appearance of your app.

  • 3

    Publish your app

    Once you've customized the template to your needs, you can one-click publish the app and begin inviting users immediately.

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