Legacy Pricing

On January 17, 2024 Glide transitioned to new plans. All new teams created as of January 17 are on the new plan structure. Please review our plans to find the right fit for you.

Access to Legacy Plans

Paid users who had an existing plan before January 17, 2024 were given the option to keep their legacy plan.

Please note that ending your legacy plan for any reason will result in the plan being inaccessible to your team. Glide will not be able to restore your plan to the old billing structure. If the legacy plan changes for any reason (upgrade, free trial, failed payment, etc), the plan will be lost and a new plan will need to be selected.

Legacy Plan Features

All plans included access to Glide Tables, Google sheets, Airtable, and Excel as data sources. The Business plan unlocked access to BigQuery and Big Tables. Enterprise plans could also leverage SQL data sources. You can review the full list of plan features below.

Note that priority support is not available on legacy Business plans. To access priority support, upgrade to a new Business plan.

Legacy plans charged separately for whitelabeling, but this is included on new paid plans.

Private users31550100
Public users101,0005,00010,000
Published apps35UnlimitedUnlimited
Spreadsheet data source rows5005,00025,00025,000
High-scale data source rows---100,000
File Storage200MB5GB50GB1TB
40+ Components✅✅✅✅
90+ Column Types✅✅✅✅
User-Specific Data✅✅✅✅
Web Embeds❌✅✅✅
Custom Domains❌✅✅✅
Manual Publishing❌✅✅✅
Protected Columns❌❌✅✅
Signature Pad❌❌✅✅
Branded Sign-In❌❌✅✅
Glide Basic API❌❌✅✅
Glide Advanced API❌❌❌✅
iFrame Embedding❌❌❌✅
Offline Add-Row❌❌❌✅
Domain Monitoring❌❌❌Enterprise
Service-Level Agreement❌❌❌Enterprise
Custom Terms of Service❌❌❌Enterprise
Single Sign-on❌❌❌Enterprise
SQL Data Sources❌❌❌Enterprise

Changes to Legacy Plan Features

Please note that updates generated by integrations will now count toward the total update quota for each billing cycle. If you require a higher updates quota, you will need to upgrade your plan.

The Trigger Webhook and OpenAI integrations are no longer available on legacy free plans. To access these features, create a new team with the plan level required.

Updates on Legacy Free Plans

The following consumes updates on the legacy free plan. Note that data changes consume updates per row changed. Changes to Glide Tables and Big Tables are counted.

  • adding, editing, and deleting data
  • syncing external data
  • actions and computed columns from integrations

If your team hits the quota of updates allotted to your plan, you can enable Unlimited Usage to keep using updates during that billing period. Depending on which legacy plan you have, updates will be charged to your account in one of two ways:

  1. $0.01 per update used over your quota
  1. $10 per 1,000 updates used over your quota

The unlimited usage modal on the billing and usage pages will indicate which unlimited updates billing structure your team is on.



How long will I have access to my Legacy Plan?

At some point legacy plans will likely end. Glide will give users at least three months notice before legacy plan changes go into effect.

Is SQL available on the Legacy Business Plan?

No, SQL is available on new Business Plans only. To access SQL on the Business plan, you’ll need to update to the new pricing plans.